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Feats of Power-Endurance

Power and endurance.2 opposite athletic abilities.But what about power-endurance?

A month ago I challenged myself with power cleaning my own body weight for 100 reps under 90 minutes.
I got this idea while reading some Dan John articles.

I weighted myself.195 lb.So I decided to power clean 200 lb.As my 1RM power clean is 230 lb.,this would be 87 % of my max for 100 reps-one rep under 1 minute.Tough.
I didnt know would I exhaust my power after 30 or 60 reps or would my cleaning technique break down under fatique resulting in failure or injury.
But I decided to just do it.

I got to the gym and started.After 30 reps I was fresh as daisy.No problems.

After 60 reps,I started to feel my power decreasing.
After 88th rep,I struggled.My collar bone was hurting,my low back muscles were fried.I had to gather all my strength to clean the damned weight.
I did my 100th rep about 10 minutes ahead of time.

My next crazy goal is to power clean 100 kg (220 lb.) for 100 reps under an hour while weighing under 200 lb.

Do you have some feats of power endurance to share??

I have a radical idea.
How about snatching 100 kg 100 times in 50 minutes?! thats 1 snatch every 30 seconds!