Feasible to Use LH + FSH as a Long-Term Alternative to HCG?

Has anyone ever done this? Are there any anecdotal reports of using LH and FSH long term?

It’s to my understanding that HCG only functions as a mimic of LH and therefore isn’t able to fully negate the effects of testicular shutdown. It’s for this reason that LH, FSH, and HMG are often prescribed to TRT users looking to get their partners pregnant. However, they tend to be extremely expensive.

With this in mind, if someone had the funds available and the doctor willing to prescribe it, would an LH + FSH combination be a superior alternative to maintain fertility and wellbeing on TRT?

= no one’s tried it, yet. In theory I don’t see why you couldn’t, but also, why would you want to? You could use them when it was time to get someone knocked up, but wouldn’t need it until then

I hypothesise you’d achieve better sexual function than just using HCG. I also hypothesise that you’d avoid the typical rise in E2 you’d get from HCG.

Are they even available? Not heard of anyone using them?

Mine comes from test. HCG doesn’t agree with me.

Maybe. You’re injecting LH, which leads to testosterone, which leads to estrogen. Less perhaps?