Fear of Not Recovering After Test/NPP Cycle

I recently ran a Test/NPP/EQ cycle and made some phenomenal gains. Bench went from 225 x 9 to 225x16 for reference at a low bodyfat%.

Recently I was browsing reddit and a lot of guys were acting like i’m fucked for PCTing after a nandrolone cycle. I understand the metabolites can linger and suppress for months after cessation of the drug.

Has anyone here successfully recovered from Nandralone? Am I screwed? Will my natural test recover with a good PCT and time? What should I do?

I don’t like EQ for PCT guys. Its half life is so long and you need to run it for a long period as well. If it were me, I would continue my test about 3 weeks after ceasing EQ then cease the test and wait 3 more weeks… start PCT. Should be fine.

I think it’s really individually dependent on how well you bounce back from Nandrolone. Did you PCT correctly, how is your physical and mental health, what does your diet look like? All of those things heavily sway hormone production, not just PCT protocol.

Lots of folks use and have used nandrolone without any issues. The ones who have issues have really bad issues that persist well after the time they stop. Mostly libido/erection related. It’s luck of the draw. There’s many threads all about it. I’d suggest reading up on some so you know the signs to look for.

I hate this particular version of broscience that’s now seeping in to the discussions. (Not you, OP) Yes, nandrolone metabolites can be detected long after it’s run its course. No, that does not mean that starting pct after the appropriate time means recovery will be hindered.

In various studies it has been shown that people who have never used nandrolone excrete one or both of the metabolites, 19-norandrosterone and 19-noretiocholanolone. So now do those people have impacted testosterone levels because their body is producing nandrolone metabolites? Or is the fear over on reddit just a wee bit blown out of proportion?


So I I was running 750 test/1000EQ. I only injected 500 EQ during the last week of my last Test injection keep in mind.

I’ve been off for about 2 weeks and have already began my nolvadex PCT protocol. I did make a mistake with not waiting long enough for the EQ to fully clear.

I don’t have any test to cruise on as of now and am honestly worried.

If I run a longer PCT of about 8 weeks and begin that 3 weeks after my last test pin, would that give me a better chance at recovering? Will nolvadex generally still kickstart my HPTA with the EQ clearing during the early weeks of my PCT?


No. Rule of thumb for clearance is five half-lives.

Okay, if I go ahead and follow that PCT protocol, do you think I should be worried about any adverse effects with having Low T while also waiting for the lessened dosages of EQ to clear?

I made the mistake of dropping EQ and Test at the same time. Since it takes 8 weeks of clearance, what if I started an 8 week Nolvadex protocol 4 weeks after my last test injection?

Would running a longer PCT enable me to PCT prior and through the total clearance of EQ, or is a long PCT generally not a good idea?

EQ clearance is indeed long, but starting pct after four weeks should be fine. Nobody waits until every single drop of gear is out of their system.


That isn’t the most efficient way anyways

That’s what I was thinking? Steroidplotter has me and pretty low levels of EQ after 4 weeks, so I’d assume the nolvadex would be able to kickstart my HPTA at that time, but I could be wrong.

I don’t know whether Nolvadex would start up the testes at all with small amounts of EQ in, but at a minimum i’d have 4 weeks of PCT after the EQ is gone.

I was running test and npp, and to be honest towards the end of my cycle I had no mental motivation for sex.

I don’t know if it was deca dick since my dick would still get hard, just not easily.

I’ve since dropped the compounds and it’s been about 3 weeks, still the same. I have a PCT in plan.

If it is due to elevate estrogen or prolactin (considering I did not run any AI or caber), how long would it be before reaching normality? I also have read that DHN conversion from nandralone can potentially be a culprit. How long would it take for that to go down?

I’m pretty scared, especially from all of the horror stories.

Do you have 2 accounts? This is awfully similar to another question asked by biglifta88.

So I ran a cycle of Test,NPP/EQ. I stopped them all at the same time, and then became aware of the EQ ester and so forth. I’ve learned a lot and should have been more cautious with running a long ester, and am going to go through this recovery with diligence.

Anyways, it has been 3 weeks since my last injection. I wanted to get blood work mostly out of curiosity and mostly because I had low libido towards the end of the cycle.

Here are my results:

Estradiol 14pg/ml/ Range 8.0-29.0pg/ml (Normal)
Prolactin 19ng/ml/ Range 4.0-15.2ng/ml (High)
Testosterone 1170ng/dl/ Range 259-1041 (High)
SBGH 12.6nmol/L/ Range 17.4-53.6 (Low)
Also high free androgen index as expected.

How in the world is my testosterone so high a little over 3 weeks since my last injection of it? I have not started PCT, my balls still seem somewhat shrunken. Why would my prolactin be high with low E2? Will that go down with time?

Is the EQ showing up as testosterone in the blood test most likely? What could be causing the low libido i’m still experiencing.


Your SHBG is very low still so your TT will be high whereas your Free T is going to be lowish.

Not dependent. Your prolactin while slightly out of range isn’t high.

Thats Nandrolone for ya.

So its most certainly the test enanthate still leaving my system then?

I would think so. You were running 750mg long ester test right? So you’ve been through 3 half lives which means that kind of TT with low SHGB is perfectly reasonable after only three weeks.

Yea, Its interesting that a lot of people start their PCT 2 weeks after last injection when running 500-750mg test e. I’m now curious on how long it’d take to drop down to below normal from where i’m at now.

It was also pretty confusing my estradiol was sort of low normal with that high of test, as well as my prolactin being elevated 3 weeks post NPP injection.

Yeah starting the PCT that soon is not the most ideal way. I won’t say its ineffective but not the most effective means. I’m not longer a PCT guy but if it were me I would wait for at least a 90% clearance which is effectively 3.3 half lives (ie roughly 3 weeks for long ester test). If you start too early you’re pissing away some of your PCT and effectively running a shorter PCT during the period when it counts.

Your E2 is low due to the SHBG as well. I wouldnt pay attention to the prolactin number. Its not near high enough for causation.