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Fear of infection


ok so i read the injection pain thread like a million times and also did a search on this site and others but i worry.

any way i injected 3 days ago im my left glut and there is still pain that did not improve. there is no swelling, heat or redness but there is a slight diff colour, like i got hit (a bruise)

its not the BA in the stuff as i didnt get it in my last injections. im hoping its cause i maybe moved the niddle to much while i injected or something.

what do u guys recon?? any need to worry?


Sounds like a bruise..

if there is no redness or fever or swelling...I wouldn't be worried..

Glute injections used to give me huge bruises because I would accidentially move the needle around..that's why I no longer do glute injections.


Sounds like you're fine to me. Ditto Walkway on the glute injections...it's personal preference, but I just find them too difficult to do on my own without jerking the needle around and causing lacerations. That will definitely leave you sore. I use the vastus lateralis and the delt.