Fear of heights

I have a fear of heights and sock puppets what is the best way to get rid of the former.

hmm… tough break… I don’t have any sympathy for you since I have no fear thus I consider you a little wussy sissy girl. Anywho try going to a sock puppet manufacturing plant, now hold on before your heart explodes out of your chest… the key is to start at the begining of the plant where there just socks. Talk to the plant workers and get them to tell you about the details of sock puppet making, then move your way up to the place where they put the eyes on, start with looking at just 1 eye’d sock puppet then move on as you feel comfortable, eventually work your way up to the full thing. You should then be able to live a normal life and with sock puppets. GOOD LUCK!

Get a roofing job. That’s what I did, you can’t afford to get scared because you either won’t get any work done or the guys will call you nancy boy. Basically you get yelled at if you’re scared of heights.

Go to Vegas - get to the Stratostower and go on the ride on the top. NOT the rollercoaster (very lame) but the Big Shot. The Big Shot shoots you 150 ft up - you’re strapped into the seat by ONE seatbelt. NO ride on earth can compare to this one - that’ll knock that fear right out of you. I know, I’ve done it. As for the sock puppets - you can start reading this comic that my boyfriend reads that has a sock puppet in it. It’s very amusing…

go to the store, get a box of tampax, and insert them in to your vagina so you stop leaking on the floor.

Jump off of really high shit so that you hurt yourself. Each time you recover from a fall, you will be one step closer to recovery. You will realize, yeah, it hurts, but hey, I heal. (Limit the height to 15 feet so you will not impair training for prolonged periods of time.) Also, attempt to land on your head bc we train just about every other imaginable muscle at the gym, and then you could finally fit the stereotype of a bodybuilder/jock as being dumb as a rock :wink: About the sock puppet thing. Make a few puppets up, (or if you are too afraid, have a trusted friend make a few for you.) Start whacking off, and just before you erupt, close you eyes and grab the puppet off the counter and blow your load in it. When you look at it w/your gew all over it, its not nearly as intimidated. (This is how I got over my fear of being devoured by a grizzly bear :wink:

The most effective method used with true phobics is systematic desensitization coupled with relaxation techniques. A newer method involves SD with microcurrent Alpha-Stim treatment, which just relaxes you without drugs.

Just “doing what scares you” can work, but it has also made people worse or even killed them. Yes, really. I’ve seen documented cases. But that depends on the extent of the phobia. It’s natural to be a little jittery in high places but not natural to break into hives and throw up when standing on a stool. It’s a matter of severity. Anyway, look into systematic desensitization if it’s a real problem. You can do this yourself or with the aid of a therapist.

I used to be the same way, then I met the hottest sock puppet who worked in a light house…

"MBE: Fuckin' up all ya'll since 1655."


I used to be afraid of heights when I was a kid. Then, one day, a friend and I were up on his roof, lighting firecrackers and throwing them at each other (not much to do in MT, and our BB guns were, uh, “confiscated”). One landed at my feet and I jumped backwards and fell 10 feet to the ground and landed flat on my ass. I bruised my tailbone so bad I did the “I just shit myself walk” for a week. I’m not afraid of heights any more, but firecrackers scare the shit out of me. LOL.

Why are you guys being so mean to Vertigo? At least he’s not afraid of the Smith machine lol.

rookie: that was the funniest shit ive ever heard. im still cant breathe b/c im laughing so hard.
cockmongrel: did you seriously choose the name cockmongrel? go play on the smith machine.

Just in case no one figured out I am not afraid of sock puppets I just made the simpsons refrence to provide the obligatory humor that must occur in every post. Obviuosly it was not enough. Anyhow is facing your fears the best method or facing your fears the best method i’m not really phobic just hate stuff like cliff diving and some coasters.

Dood I was stressing out all day about your fear of sock puppets and this is how you play me and the rest… what the fudge?