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Fear Itself on NBC

Does anyone remember this from last year’s NBC line-up?
It had decent ratings but was cancelled half way through the season, God knows why…

It came out on DVD a few weeks ago and I finally picked it up. Holy shit I forgot how good it is. It isn’t always super scary but the suspense is always there and it’s really smart and well written.

If you have 20 bucks to spend and about an hour a night, it’s really worth picking up. It’s 13 episodes with a few “director cuts”.

jeese, I’d never even heard of it. Just looked up the trailer for the first season there. Seems pretty twisted…that one “The Eater” aughh. Well all the eps are on Project free TV so I’ll give it a looksies.

Eater is an amazing episode, very well done and quite spooky.