Fear Fighter

It’s been one year since my first log. Now time for a new one. I’m proud to say I hit all my goals during the past year. Its been a learning experience, and I have made a bunch of errors along the way.

My goals for the next 12 months are to bench 410 raw, and to deadlift 615.


Lat Pulls
2 x 10 x 130
4 x 10 x 210

Seated Pulls
4 x 10 x 240

Kroc Rows
4 x 12 x 100

Front Raises
4 x 10 x 35

V-Bar Press Down
2 x 10 x 190
4 x 10 x 235

Reverse Rope Press Down
4 x 10 x 110

One Arm Extensions
4 x 10 x 35

Kick Backs
4 x 10 x 25

35 minutes / 365 calories

The weight is slowly going down. I’m only a pound and a half over with nine days before the meet. I’d like to drop three to five more to make sure I have some room.


I woke up today one pound under with seven days until weigh in!!! I would still like to grab three or four more just to be safe.

Great bench goal!

Good luck at your meet.


Thanks, I tried to keep goals I think I have a good shot at getting.

Today, I’m still at weight with seven days to go. We are going to weigh in six days from now. I jumped on the treadmill for 40 minutes and 450 calories. Yesterday we took our son to get his driver’s learners permit. To celebrate we went out to a bbq place. I had my first red meat in over four weeks. I kept it light, however, and I’m done with it until next week.

24 hour weigh in? If so, that’s nice, you can blow out the carbs the day before and be totally recovered on meet day.

Great job of the weight so far.


Thanks Jack. Nothing to do now but watch the weight and focus. One of my partners is about four pounds over, and the other is six under. I’m right at weight right now. I still want three or four more just to be safe. They have a 10:00 AM weigh in Friday. We’re going to hit that and then some grub right after.

Today was bench openers. We just kept it real light and focused on our opening lifts.

1 x 10 x 135
1 x 5 x 185
1 x 3 x 225
1 x 1 x 275
1 x 1 x 315

1 x 1 x 365

365 felt real strong. My form was spot on and I feel like I have a lot in the tank.


I woke up today two pounds under. I then hit the gym and the treadmill. 45 minutes and 545 calories. I just want maybe two more pounds to be safe.


I woke up today 2 1/2 pounds under. I then ate some oatmeal and had a protien shake. From there I hit the gym for 40 minutes of treadmill work and burned 479 calories. Since I really don’t trust my bathroom scale I jumped on the digital scale at the gym. I was 244 with everything on, minus my shoes. I feel pretty good about at since I also drank some water during my treadmill session.

I’ll just stay on task and I should make it Friday. I might even mix in a little Ex Lax (I know, TMI).

One of my partners is still five over. This is the same guy who works at the gym, but refuses to do any cardio.


We all made weight, and then had a power lunch at Famous Dave’s BBQ. Nothing to do now but eat, drink, and rest. Since I’m not much of a bencher I’m starting light at 360. We’ll see what happens from there.

I’d love a 24-hour weigh-in before a meet.

Good luck to you!

Nice job on the weight, good luck tomorrow!

Not sure it my first post worked, so here we go agian.

Today was a mixed bag. I took first in my division, but I could have done a lot better. I opened at 360 and nailed it real easy. I went light in number two with 375. I blew it up real strong. I faulted, however, because I brain farted and started to go down before the start command. I wussed out and stayed there for number three. I nailed it easy again. I faulted again because my thumbs were inside the loops of my wrist straps. I did not even know that was a rule.

The meet was real small. In fact the fans had to sit outside in the cold and wind. This was my first small meet. I had fun, but it left a bad taste in my mouth. Mostly because I screwed it up. I’m real hungry for the WABDL meet in June.

My buddy’s girlfriend took video, so hopefully they will get it to me. I do, however, have a few photos.

The crew.

[quote]Crippler56 wrote:
I faulted again because my thumbs were inside the loops of my wrist straps. I did not even know that was a rule.
This really bothers me. Not because it’s legal (it’s not in my fed), but because the head ref shouldn’t give you the “start” command if everything isn’t a-okay with your setup. In other words, a ref should have noted that violation when you were setting up your grip and had you fix it. You can’t give the go-ahead and then cite that type of violation. Was there an opportunity to appeal? Don’t know what fed this was . . .

Anyway, look at the bright side: you didn’t bomb!

It was USPA. I was really upset because I think I had 400 to 420 in me. I left a lot out there. To their defense one of the officials said something to me after my second attempt. The damn music was so loud I could not even hear him. I think it was regarding my straps. It that is the case, I’ll take the rap and blame myself.

All and all I had fun. The money all went to the Wounded Warrior Project, so we helped some people. I just have to focus on the one I really want in June. This was more of a warm up. My buddies had never competed before. It was a chance for us to train with each other and hit the platform.

The good news is that’s an easy fix and you know you had more in you. All in all, solid work, and a good learning experience, even if the results were a little disappointing.

Thanks guys. I’m just more mad at myself. The more I think about it though, the better I feel. I’ll be back at it this week. There’s a lot of work to be done.


5/5/5 Deadlift
1 x 10 x 135
1 x 5 x 185
1 x 3 x 225
1 x 1 x 275

1 x 5 x 400
1 x 5 x 440
1 x 2 x 490

Good Mornings
4 x 10 x 250

Laying Leg Curls
1 x 10 x 100
1 x 10 x 110
1 x 10 x 120
1 x 10 x 130

Today sucked big time. I was very tired and had no energy. It has been a long time since I’ve had a deadlift session like this. I went back and looked at my 5/3/1 log and found it was almost a year ago that I did not meet my minimum reps.

Today was my first day back in gear in 10 months. I was really looking forward to it. Normally my gear adds 50 pounds. I only changed my weights 40 pounds, to be safe. I normally take a pre-workout on DL and bench days. I did that today. Even after, I felt like taking a nap. I was gunning for 8 reps at 490. Two reps was one less than I did raw for my 5/3/1 day. After my first heavy set, I knew I was in trouble. It felt real heavy.

I’ll just need to regroup and come out hard next time around for 3/3/3.


5/5/5 Military Press
1 x 10 x 40
1 x 10 x 65
1 x 5 x 95

1 x 5 x 140
1 x 5 x 165
1 x 10 x 170

Kroc Rows
4 x 12 x 100

Front Raises
4 x 10 x 40

V-Bar Press Down
2 x 10 x 190
4 x 10 x 235

One Arm Exensions
4 x 10 x 40

Kick Backs
4 x 10 x 30

More energy today. I’m my final week of six weeks of nightshift at work. I train in the morning, so there’s my biggest issue. I kept volume low today. I’ll start to pick things up next week, since I’ll be back on days.