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Fear Factor 12/6/05


Did anyone see Fear Factor tonight?

There was a couple that obviously train with weights that got their butts kicked by two that obviously didn't have all those muscles to get in the way. Sure didn't make us look good.


what were they doing?


There was a submerged armored car with a million dollars of gold bars and coins. All they had to do was swim out and whoever pulled up the most wins and they got to keep whatever they pulled out.

It was teams, (guy and girl) The big guy comes up struggling to get his first bar and then this skinny bastard pops up next and he has 3 bars right off the start.

The chic with the hot bod can't even get under water enough to pull out one coin! They ended up with $50,000 while the other 2 pulled in over a quarter million. Of course Joe couldn't resist the chance to make a few muscle poses and taunt them about being too muscle bound.


3 gold bars?!?! That's like over 75lbs! Was the guy's name Sea-Doo?

Upon re-reading your post it could not have been real gold, because one bar of gold is worth roughly $200,000, give or take a few grand. So if the guy grabbed 3 that's all they got then?


First you are correct the Gold was simulated.

And the part about the two bodybuilders and their respective lack of ability it's very simple.

1.Muscle and strength have nothing to do with one's ability to overcome fear of being under water.

2.Muscle and strength have nothing to do with one's expertise in swimming.

3.It was readily apparent that these do buff bods from NY/NJ wherever were overwhelmed by this task thats it bottom line.

  1. Yes I know the Buff chick said she practiced diving for bricks but she was just going down and bringing them up this task was much more involved swimming out to the truck diving down to the truck entering the truck unlocking the cases etc. NO COMPARISON she did not train for this.

  2. These to weight trained athletes did not embarass us or anyone else they were simply overwhelmed by their own abilities they did the best with what they had. Unless of course you go around bragging about your swimming, diving, breathholding ability and you are personaly involved then yeah I geuss you can be embarassed if you want to.

  3. They both looked good and excelled in all the feats that didn't involve the underwater stuff SO.......?


My GF noted that the muscly girls' Transverse Abdominous muscle had to be the biggest one she ever saw on a girl, and she would know due to the field of work she's in.

I couldn't tell you what her Transverse Abdominous looked like, I was busy looking at her tits...

Yeah the gold bars were simulated, each representing $12,000 I think. The coins each represented $100.

The muscly girl couldn't get herself down into the truck, that's a mental thing, she had every physical asset necessary to accomplish the task, she just couldn't bring herself to do it. Her excuse about her lungs burning was stupid lame

As for the muscly dude... He kicked off his flippers and was fucked from that point on. At the very end they showed him in the air pocket of the cab of the truck wanting nothing to do with going back under water.

That being said, I wanted to wring the neck of that little skinny fucker, bouncing and shouting his way through the competition...

It was a good show though...