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FDA Warns Androgel Increases Penis Size


Apparently, the FDA has issued a warning against the unauthorized use of Androgel because it makes your penis grow and makes you taller as well. Those are bad things, you know.



what they are talking about here is a guy using androgel, he then gets some of the androgel on his kid.
these are kids that should not be going through puberty yet,but basically the males under TRT are unknowingly putting the children on TRT as well which is making them go through puberty before they are ready.

which is one reason why for some people,injections are safer.


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watching that avatar is making my penis grow


"These drugs are approved for an important medical need, but can have serious, unintended side effects if not used properly," Janet Woodcock, director of the FDA's Center for Drug Evaluation and Research, said in a statement.


This is old news. Hell, House MD did a show on this very topic so it can't be that unknown. I personally wonder about the ethics involved because I doubt if you asked most 25 year olds if they would have wanted to be 8 years old with a 9" penis that they would all say, "hell no".


Woodcock...hmmm u don't say.....


Perhaps I am speaking out of turn here, but why is there even a need for this gel? All the research I've done indicates it is less effective and more expensive than injections. Is it just the cultural taboo people have against needles?


Yeah, they might say that at 25. But when they're 8 years old walking around with a horse cock, they're bound to experience some psychological repercussions.


Actually in that episode, while there were all kinds of massive organ failures, cysts in the brain and elsewhere, and near death from exposure to testosterone, House never did mention anything about the boy getting a 9" penis.

On a serious note: I agree with you that it would be completely seriously wrong, and I would characterize it as child abuse and properly a felony, to administer Androgel to a boy for this purpose.


so will this make my dick bigger or not?


I'm gonna start to use androgel as lube when I jerk off..


I thought it made your dick small!


I love this thread


Ya don't want this to happen.


So who's going to take one for the team?


I nominate Renton, he'll try pretty much anything (so I've heard)


I'll take one for the team if I get a test subject to measure the...effects of this increased size.


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I remember one where a teen beauty queen had under developed testes up in her, and they had cancer on them so they were not producing any test.
she was pure estrogen and it was causing organ failure it also caused her to mature faster than normal and made her try to hump everything in sight including her father.

that episode had me thinking WTF< that makes no sense to me at all.
I do enjoy that show though its entertaining atleast,factually off but entertaining