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FDA Trying to Outlaw Supplements


The FDA has just issued a proposed mandate that will enable the government to ban the most effective dietary supplements you are now taking.

If this proposal is enacted, many fish oil formulas and natural plant extracts will be removed from the market until so-called safety testing is done. The FDA wants each nutrient company to force-feed laboratory animals the human equivalent of up to 240,000 milligrams a day of certain fish oils. This outlandish dose will injure the test animals and give the FDA an excuse to outlaw the supplement.

How can the FDA do this? They are seeking to reclassify the natural supplements you now take as "food additives." This gives the FDA power to mandate outrageous safety thresholds that have no relationship to the scientifically validated doses of nutrients you take every day.

Why are they doing this? Because these natural products work too well. Take curcumin as an example. It has been shown to inhibit a deadly transcription factor in cells called nuclear factor-kappa beta (NF-kB) that is responsible for immune system regulation. Over-expression of NF-kB is linked with tumor cells that resist normal cell growth and maturation, as well as inflammation.

Pharmaceutical companies want to own the exclusive rights to these kinds of plant extracts that are freely sold on the market today. They donâ??t want consumers to be able to obtain these biological benefits in low-cost supplements. Instead, they want to patent synthetic versions as high-priced prescription drugs!

What is being done to Stop This Travesty?

To give you an idea about how dangerous these draconian proposals are, Life Extension helped organize a conference call last week. Dozens of health freedom organizations participated and agreed to coordinate a massive consumer revolt.

The official start date of this uprising is Thursday, September 8, 2011, but you can take preliminary action today to thwart the FDAâ??s latest attempt to steal your supplements and make them the exclusive domain of Big Pharma.

We ask that you forward this e-mail to everyone you know so they can understand the precarious state their health will be in when the FDA bans their most effective dietary supplements.

Then, use our convenient website to e-mail letters to the White House, your Representative and two Senators by clicking on the links below:

* Send a letter to your Representative and two Senators (http://www.capwiz.com/lef/issues/alert/?alertid=51641606&type=CO) demanding the FDA immediately withdraw their oppressive proposed guidelines pending rational discussions with those who depend on dietary supplements to protect their health and livelihood.
* Send a letter to the Presidentâ??s Office of Management and Budget (http://www.lef.org/featured-articles/0719_Letter-to-the-White-House.htm) as the FDAâ??s proposed guidelines on new dietary ingredients directly conflict with an Executive Order issued July 11, 2011 (http://www.lef.org/featured-articles/0719_Executive-Order-Letter.htm), that orders the FDA to streamline and repeal burdensome regulations that interfere with job creation, economic growth, and innovation.


Assuming some big conspiracy to falsely show danger in lab tests so that pharma can maintain exclusive rights to medicine does not actually exist, I'm all for this.

I would like to see quality control regulations in the supplement industry. When I spend money on a supplement, I want to know that it is what the company says it is and I want to know that legitimate testing has been done on the effectiveness and safety of the supplement.

We all know the market is flooded with bullshit. If regulations take these products off of the market, we consumers are the winners and not the losers.


Most, if not all, of the supplements out there have results published in scientific literature. It would behoove individuals to read the literature, judge it by the merits of the data and presentation, while keeping in mind the funder of the study.

Legislation preventing me from spending my hard earned dollar on what it is I choose to buy, even if it is a bullshit product, is complete unnecessary and does more harm than good. This nanny-statism stuff has to stop.

I too would like to see more quality control in the sense that if a product is advertised as something, and the 'seller' of the product sourced it somewhere else, that they did the necessary testing to verify that their end product is what it claims to be. Whether or not it is effective or not is different entirely, and there are people out there that think everything is bad, so let the safety of a supplement be judged by the consumer.


whoa whoa whoa ... you mean be responsible for myself and do (what really amounts to relatively little) consumer research BEFORE purchase? But what are we paying the gov't for?


That is an excellent question Sir, if you stumble over an at least semi convincing answer please PM me your results.


I think the main thing HoustonGuy was concerned about is whether or not your 500mg of supplement X actually contains 500mg of supplement X in each serving. We know from private lab reports that many supplements do contain what they claim to on the bottle, and it shouldn't be our job as consumers to verify that what we buy contains what is claimed.

I do agree with you on the point that we should be able to buy supplements regardless of whether or not they are proven to work (we all know that it can take researchers decades to come to a conclusion on a supplement's effectiveness), but I damn sure want some governing entity to ensure that the bottle claims are met.


I wouldn't get too bent out of shape about it. It probably won't stick.

If it does - oh well, sack up.


Yes, this.

I don't care what people buy, if it works or doesn't work... it's their money.

I just want to know that what I buy is what it says it is, in the quanitity it says it provides and that it does what it says it does.

I didn't say I want the FDA to ban shit willy nilly. I don't trust much of the research supporting products in the supplement industry, largely because there are so many conflicting studies on many products and often companies pay researchers to conduct the study on their product.

A supplement company can tell you they are selling supplement x but fill your pills with sugar or some other benign substance and get away with it.

Protein powders have been shown on many occasions to contain far less protein than stated by the label for example.

If one wants to saddle up cash on an unregulated product in good faith, so be it. I for one want to know if I'm being hogswaggled.

Call it a nanny state if you want but I'm glad Roosevelt passed the Food and Drug Act personally and I don't see why a person wouldn't want to ensure they are not getting "rats" in their supps.

Fuck, I'll sell you a t-booster. Set up a paypal account and let me mow my yard....


Supplements have been getting outlawed for the past four years. That's when I first heard of it anyway. The FDA must really be taking its time with being in big pharma's pockets and banning all the supplements so you've to pay 10x the cost to get it from a pharmaceutical company.


who cares?

spend the money on food


who cares? talk about being close minded. Such an act would effect millions of people and their health.


We are talking about supplements right? Cant you get all the benefits of a supp by just eating whole food? Arent supps justmore portable food?

Are we talking about about actual medicine or dietary supplements? I didnt read the op.


Rock, "supplements" are more than protein/carb, creatine, amino acids.... You have a ton of different products taht are derived from plants, herbs, etc that have much of the same effect that synthetic meds do.

It keeps money away from drug companies, so they see it as a threat....

The FDA cares more about the dollar, than they do the consumer, imo.


Ahh,just read the op and watched the vid.

yea,thats foul.


or just start buying supplements from Mexico, they have super tough regulations down there...


Purest powders on Earth come from Mexico


Fuck that proposal, if they REALLY gave half a shit about the consumer, they'd simply offer companies the opportunity to get their product quality verified by the govt, and if it passes inspection, it gets an FDA approved stamp. Then we, the consumers, would have a choice, whether or not we want to buy the product that is FDA approved, or not. That would be ridiculously simple.


Relax. They can't ban naturally-derived dietary supps like curcumin and fish oil and replace them with synthetic alternatives, for the simple reason that they can't do it. They can't ban something that can't be patented then reverse engineer a patented alternative.


mm what? i haven't understood nothing.


So, that means I can't get my protein ? Didn't read or watched the video btw.