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FDA to Ban Andro!

Just looking over the day’s news on Yahoo! A little while ago, the story came out that the FDA is looking to ban Andro. This was obviously going to happen, but it was just a matter of when?

The story I read did not have any time frame on when it will be banned, although I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough.

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From the article:

"Commonly called andro, the product is a steroid precursor ? the body uses it to make testosterone.

That means it poses the same health risks as directly using an anabolic steroid, the Food and Drug Administration (news - web sites) is expected to say in warnings telling 23 manufacturers to cease their production."


Can Shugs or someone else at Biotest comment on whether they know if they are one of these 23 manufacturers that have been contacted?

heres your DICKhead of the day:

Joe Biden

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well, the t-mag guys have been saying to stock up on mag-10. got almost 2 full bottles myself, gotta get some more over spring break.

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What the hell?

Canadians! Are you all under similar distress??


How long can MAG-10 last on the shelf? I’m ordering today.


no word in canada yet, but we usually follow US trend on bans.


Okay, I know jack about andro and/or steroids. But from reading that article, I’m getting that the side effects of this substance MIGHT be acne, baldness and an increase in cholesterol? Are they going to ban fried foods next? Has anyone, anywhere, died of andro use or abuse (seriously, I have no clue)?

I think this steroid thing has gotten a bit out of hand. That’s just nuts.

I just wonder now if Biotest will drop the prices a little of the mag-10 to make sure they sell all of it before they cant sell anymore of it.

I thought Mag-10 didn’t contain androstenedione? Did Biotest receive at cease and desist letter or not?

Well up here in Canada we’re not allowed any of those pro-hormones anyway. . .


In reply to the prices going down. Read what was said in the end is near in the off topic forum.

For whoever asked how long it was good for shelf life…the bottles I bought from biotest’s last 2 for 2 sale have an 8/06 expiration date on them so almost 2.5 yrs left.

The list of firms that recieved the letters is available on the FDA website. No biotest yet. It appears that this round is targeting strictly products with Androstendione in them. I do not see any 1-test products on the list, but surely they cannot be that far behind.

If the bill passes, When is this going to take effect??

If andro is being banned because it is a precursor to testosterone, the feds will not hesitate to ban ANY substance that does the same thing. Therefore, supplements like Mag-10 will be on the hit list.

Will they drop prices? Why should they? It’s as good as it ever was, and there will be a run on it like we haven’t seen before, even when they had the “Buy 2, Get 2” sale. I’m scraping my shekels together in the next 24-48 hours!

If kept in the fridge, I’ll bet Mag-10 will last for a year or so beyond the date on the bottle.

I just hope that Tribex and Red Kat aren’t next, just because they promise to boost testosterone.

Anyone think GWB might have a change of heart and veto this one?

The only way Bush will Veto this is if someone lines his pockets.

Tim? Uh, Mr. Patterson?

Seriously, the economic effect has to count for something. Another way to attack it would be the anti-aging effects for the elderly (Bush loves them old folks).

Money makes the world go 'round. Either we pay off the government or we show them how it could cripple the economy and affect jobs. If you ban all of these supplements, I know a lot of ecommerce and small businesses that could suffer drastically; perhaps to the point of business failure and bankruptcy?

~ write your congressmen ~ I have…

If anything biotest will raise the prices, demand is will be going through the roof.

msnbc just ran a story about the andro ban then they ran a story about obesity and how it kills 400,000 a year. They asked for peoples diet stories email them question@msnbc.com teel them how andro has helped you achieve your goals
It’s amazing how they treat ephedra and prohormones like they are major health threats, yet they treat obesity like it is a healthy condition. Let’s face it the real problem with prohormones is they threaten the profits of drug companies, the same companies that own both the major political parties. This whole flap about how they are going to save the game of baseball is just window dressing to hide their real agenda. All the roids in the world can’t make a no talent who can’t hit the ball into a champion. It’s immoral that they are going to make laws that affect the health of millions of americans just because a handful of rich athletes might improve their game a little. I don’t think the black market will profit form the ban arguement will persuade the jerks in Washington. There is a lot of money to be made in building and supplying a prison, think about it.