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FDA Recalls Popular Diet Pill



"The FDA has received 23 reports of serious health problems, including liver damage requiring a liver transplant, according to a FDA's Web site."

Curious about what's causing the "liver damage"?


...yeah, I don't buy it.

I don't like MT at all as a company but I don't buy that fat burner is any more harmful than any other stimulant.

Besides, that article says 1mil bottles sold a year and they've got 23 cases of problems that were probably pre-existing conditions that became exacerbated.

23 cases out of 1mil doesn't sound statistically significant to recall any of the drugs put out by any of the major prescription drug companies.

Fuck yourself FDA.


Off the FDA Site:

The agency has not yet determined which ingredients, dosages, or other health-related factors may be associated with risks related to these products.


People who normally take that product are those lazy fatasses who eat junk food everyday thinking it's alright because the pill will take care of anything or uninformed gym-goers who take every supplement out there and do some crazy stuff hoping to get huge and ripped. So it's possible that the side effects are caused by the other stuffs that they're doing.


What bugs me, is that this:

...Was the very last sentence. If they are blaming this on HCA use, then that includes several different products, not just this brand. HCA was touted as being some super appetite depressant and carb regulator for several years...which is why they used it and is where it even got the name.

Further, if the cases are that rare, how did they arrive at the conclusion that it was this one product? Most of the people using these products do NOT use them as directed. They double or sometimes triple the dosages.

They don;t know what caused this yet are recalling a supplement that is a basic stimulant and appetite suppressant.

This does not look good for the supplement industry. the moment they make it mandatory for there to be greater regulation, most of the lifters in the country won't be able to afford the prices of their protein powders.


I am sure the goal here is to shine a light on any and all negative reports of supplements so that more controls can be put in place.


Think critically, man.

You're trying to be clever here, as if you're PWNING the FDA. You're missing huge part of the analysis.

Those are reported cases. Not everyone with liver problems goes in to seek help. How many people even notice the problems right away.

Sound the alarm. Get people to see their doctors. Seems like a smart strategy.




The thing is, those same "reported cases" are how they got ephedrine banned even though most of the complaints were because if insomnia or headaches...much the same as coffee.

Also, considering the huge number of medications the average person is on, blaming liver disease on this one supplement seems a tad rushed.

If they need this to get people into the doctor's office, then we have a bigger problem.


probably had some swine flu in the pills


Oh don't worry the drug companies and others are lobbying to put an end to that. If these regulators get their way we won't be able to buy a multivitamin without a prescription....they'd regulate/ban protein powder if we let them. All they need is a panel of doctors stating "people don't need vitamins or supplements" to make their case for legislaters to vote on it...and those should be easy to find. Along with a "study" that shows protein causes kidney damage and voila...protein powder and other supps join the ranks of steroids and prohormones.

Yet, ironically, cigarettes and alcohol will still be completely legal OTC substances. Oh but wait, there are "taxes" on those meaning our corrupt government is turning a profit on them....therefore = okay. Hey I have an idea to keep supplements and even juice legal...how about a "steroid tax"? $500/gram? A protein powder tax of $5/pound....this just might work..... (evil genius grin)


Some did die. They took 3-4 times the recommended dose.

The irresponsible masses are ruining life for the rest of us. What's new?

I am more concerned than usual, though. The reports involve liver damage. If people are following the label and having liver problems, I'm concerned.


That product cant cause liver failure.

Bullshit. Even if it were straight up amphetamines it still wouldn't cause liver failure.

It has no ingredients that are metabolized by the liver.

Besides Tylenol is the LEADING cause of liver failure and liver related hospitalizations. No one seems to want to recall that.


Oh and just in case I came off like an exaggerative smartass, herbs and vitamins/minerals have been implicated by those who wish to regulate more. And, in fact, germany already places restrictions on vitamins and how much of each vitamin/mineral they're allowed to contain....so good luck getting your ZMA when the maximum allowable amount of zinc is like 10mg. So don't think it can't happen here.

I just have one question tho....being that heart disease is a leading cause of death in the US, when are we going to start regulating fast food? Maybe your doc can give you a prescription for McDonalds if your blood tests check out healthy? Maybe you get a script for once-a-week McDonald's if you're in perfect health (Mind you that won't be us bodybuilders with our "obese" BMI values). Then it can be subject to quarterly review....just throwing out ideas here...


Not on the label. If you knew anything about the company, you wouldn't trust the label.


Technically they aren't, it's the do-gooders that run governments that are ruining things. The idiotic have been killing themselves throughout history.

The FDA is approving fewer and fewer drugs, and the new woman (both of them Sharfstein currently and Hamburg soon) is one of the most anti-new technology reactionaries to head the FDA in decades. I forsee things getting even worse. http://www.reason.com/news/show/132283.html

God forbid we educate ourselves and do what we think is best, some lawyer in DC is a much better judge of what I should do with my body.

(edited for name of the FDA head she's not confirmed yet)


Well half the medications out there cause liver damage which is also largely dose-dependant. OTC pain medications cause liver damage too...but let's not head down this avenue of discussion as I can see myself 5 years from now getting a script for excedrin cuz I have a headache. Then a couple years later I go to get health insurance and they deny me cuz I'm a "high risk" candidate...turns out I get repeated headaches and they don't like the fact that I've gotten prescriptions for tylenol several times :stuck_out_tongue:


"According to the groundbreaking 2003 medical report Death by Medicine, by Drs. Gary Null, Carolyn Dean, Martin Feldman, Debora Rasio and Dorothy Smith, 783,936 people in the United States die every year from conventional medicine mistakes".



Some athletes died, one of which took not only an overdose of ephedrine, but also included pseudoephedrine on top of it. I am still not clear on the logic involved with banning substances because people won't take them as directed.

I prescribe medication all day long. If one of my patients takes 3 times the dose with some of these, they could do serious damage. Does that mean we ban the product?

Only when it concerns supplements, huh?

I don't use Hustlefleck products because I don't trust the company. I also try to do at least "decent" research into anything I do take. However, I am also not foolish enough to run into a doctor's office and ignore the Tylenol I've been popping like m&m's only to tell him about one supplement I took.

And again, if this is because of HCA, then the supplement industry as a whole is fucked because that ingredient is in SEVERAL products.


I like how one of the reports said somebody died in 2007 and is just now being reported. LOL

somebody looking to jump on the 'we gonna sue you good' wagon? lol