FDA Just Reclassified NAC (N-acetyl-L-cysteine) as a Drug not a Supplement

NAC or N-acetyl-L-cysteine is an amino acid that is used when cycling to protect your liver and kidneys. It was sold everywhere from Amazon to Walgreens.

It is also a great decongestant and doctors around the world were/are using it to treat the covid-19 for some reason that got the FDA interested and next thing you know they ban it.

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Have to order some soon.

This happened on april 27th.

Amazon and GNC operating out of an abundance of caution.

Still being sold places where it is not being sold as a dietary supplement.

Had some BOGO links in other post, they were removed.

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It is a fine line we member have to follow to stay within the forum rules.

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Now that it’s illegal, is it source talk? lol


Ryan Ankrom’s got a great You Tube video out on this topic.

It’s a fn amino acid acetylated. What is up in the US?

I can buy kg of that stuff here

There’s also studies it’s good for skin diseases like acne and rosacea. It makes bad breath though


Ryan’s video has the whole story. It has something to do with Doctors using it for covid.

Nah, we just don’t generally allow links to supplement sites. We’ve been spammed more times than you can imagine over the years.

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I have 11 bottle of it because I heard about this issue and assumed it was coming eventually. Vitamin Shoppe had it as of the other day. Local health food place has it too. Stock up now, gentlemen.

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Still good on eBay for now before the price skyrockets.

I think the message here is if you use NAC to help your liver and kidneys recover from a blast or cycle it would be a good idea to stock up if you can. There is a really good chance one day soon, thanks to the FDA, you will not be able to buy it anywhere.

Yup, I just bought a few bottles after reading your thread. Appreciate it man!

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Nothing’s settled yet. If you’d like the gory details here’s the blow by blow:

Letter from CRN (excellent historical summary):

FDA response: