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FDA issues with new nandrolone precursor

I can see it now… just when we really start getting some great stuff out on the market the FDA’s gonna yank it off, causing everyone to hang their heads and cry. So some big-wig (not sure of his name) said about a month ago in the papers that androstendione should and will be labeled as a steroid in the near future. Well, if we have to wait 6 months for this new product to become available, it might not ever become available. I’m just guessing but I would say this new delivery system or whatever it’s called may not be effected by this supposed and upcoming ban on androstendione due to it being so much different then everything else currently on the market. Anyone in the know or not care to comment??

the fda needs to leave the bodybuilding industry alone. nothing we do hurts anyone but possibly us(i.e. large doses of steroids for long periods of time). i can’t believe that they are anal enough to try to ban prohormones. did a fairy fly into some guy’s ear and whisper for him to poke his nose into an issue he knows nothing about. androstendione doesn’t even work and he is going to try to call it a steroid. i think we ought to have a fight. fda vs bodybuilders. who ever wins gets to decide what we can put into our ( emphasisis on our)bodies. isw there some way we can make a stand together against the fda.

If the FDA classifies Andro as a controlled substance it will ALL go, regardless of the delivery system. It’s so fucking ridiculous that this is even happening. Without the whole ordeal with Mark McGuire, this WOULD NOT be happening. Clinton’s top drug advisor McCaffrey said “I’ve got to do something about Andro”. Is this idiot that bored he has to try to ban a supplement? He was probably beat up as a kid by somebody who lifted weights and now has a personal vendetta against ANYONE being muscular. I think America has bigger drug issues to be concerned about than a muscle building supplement. The funny thing about it is they’re focusing on Androstenedione, which hasn’t been used by almost anybody in nearly three years. Wherever there is money to be made the FDA will be lurking somewhere in the shadows. Look at GBL. GBL was the cure-all for people with Insomnia, Fibromyalgia, Depression and a host of other ailments. But the FDA was in jeopardy of losing billions of dollars if people could go to a health food store to get this. No thanks to all the dumb-asses who abused it and mixed it with alcohol. Just watch, in a year GBL will be available by prescription.

Congress did step in and give the FDA a slap on the wrist for their witch hunt on ephedrine. The FDA finally backed off on ephedrine. So perhaps Congress will step in on this Andro issue. Frustrating isn't it?

Sig, your right. I heard a pharmeceutical company is trying to get the rights to market prescription GHB or GBL. like I’ve said before… the united states is… of the people, by the people, for the government.

It all depends on the wording. Usually, legal language is very precise. For example, with anabolic steroids, the Controlled Substances Act is very, very specific on what is illegal. (And of course, our new prohormones are legal under the CSA.) On the other hand, with hallucinogenic drugs and I think with amphetamines, there are “designer drug” provisions which are very loose indeed in defining the compounds, so new compounds not known at the time to the lawmakers can be deemed illegal under the law nonetheless.

So it all depends on the kind of wording used, if prohormones are banned. Most likely the wording will be specific, and we will see androstenedione disappear or perhaps also a few others. It is also possible that the language will be so broad that almost any steroid molecule, including DHEA, 7-keto-DHEA, pregnenolone, etc. can be deemed illegal “anabolic steroids.” We’ll just have to wait and see. All this would probably require an act of Congress and therefore you’ll have plenty of advance warning.

Incidentally, the Barry McCafferty guy (the same general who we know now slaughtered a column of retreating Iraqis after the war was over, unprovoked, them not firing a shot to instigate it) showed his total ignorance by talking about how androstenedione he thought was probably going to be “proved to be a steroid.” Of course it’s a steroid!!! By chemical definition, just as cholesterol is… The guy knows nothing about what he wants to regulate or ban. He should go back to shooting retreating, surrendered Iraqis… it’s much more manly.

Ryan, I like the idea of a knock out between us and the FDA. But, I don’t think that is going to happen. There is one thing you can do. Send emails to you congress man, and reps. But please don’t fire off an email that sounds like a roid rage. State facts like no one every died or got hurt using andro. Remember, they want you vote. Tell them this is the only legal alt. to steroid use. I know if the FDA (fucking dumb asses) yank andro (Androsol), It will make me find the closes roid deal and load up.
Peace love and chicken grease.

There’s another issue to be concern about: supplement companies’ fears regarding liability. The FDA voicing concerns about Andro products opens the doors for Attorneys General around the U.S. to dream up class actions lawsuits against the suppliers. The rumor is that some companies are already scaling back production, and will remain dormant even if the FDA doesn’t pull the plug.

Why are you so upset about the prohormone situation? They are so less effective than AS, it’s not even funny! All of you andro whiners are pathetic. And no, I don’t take AS, and no, I don’t take prohormones/prosteroids. Please, look for other ways in which to make gains–stop depending upon some new to market anabolic pill.

Thanks for all your thoughts on this topic.

JD, I don’t think you see the big picture here. First of all, you obviously have never tried Androsol. Some of us want to maximize the results of countless, painful hours in the gym week after week. Have you ever felt what it’s like to pick up a 500 deadlift? Have you ever squated till you puked all over the gym floor? Some of us want an edge LEGALLY. I got into enough trouble as an adolescent and even though I don’t think Anabolic Steroids should be controlled substances, I’m not going to risk going to jail to build more muscle. Maybe you’re just not hardcore and would be more interested in reading Men’s Fitness Magazine. What if the government took something away that you really enjoyed? Alcohol? Tobacco? Gay Porn? You see, it starts with one subtance and snowballs until perhaps one day we won’t be able to buy a mere multi-vitamin without a prescription.

Sig: exactly. There are a lot of pols, bureua-rats, medical
“professionals”, and pharmco execs who would love nothing
more than to see Vitamin C (and every other “supplement”)
turned into “prescription” items. If you want to see what
this would be like, go to Germany were there is no such
thing as the equivalent of a GNC. If you want to buy vitC
you have to go to a pharmacy and have a script for it.

If things were to go this way then they could rape
you for prices like they do now with drugs. Example:
Vit C is 5 times more expensive in Germany.