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FDA Email Today on Supps


Take it as you will.

nice first post

[quote]jehovasfitness wrote:
nice first post[/quote]

Been reading this website for several years, no need to judge.

I just found this compelling enough to alert those in a community in which I am thankful for their sharing of knowledge.

The FDA amazes me.

I’m a bit curious if the FDA has something specific in mind or is going to make a more sweeping, generalized shelf-pull. I wouldn’t mind it so much if they got rid of those jackasses who put ads in the cheap section of men’s magazines advertising products called “D-Bowl” or “Wynsterol” or the like – consisting of either homeopathic or clumsily arranged herbal supplements portrayed as ‘real’ steroids.

Other than that, I’m not sure if I can even think of any current product on the US market that still labels itself pro-hormone or pro-steroid. The article itself was so vague that I can’t even write a letter of protest because I can’t deduce upon what they are setting their sights. Hmmm.

Thank you for the link…I hope this isn’t going to prove to be another ‘interesting’ year like when they yanked MAG-10 along with anything that started with ‘andro.’

Actually, I should thumb through some of the crappier women’s lifestyle magazines…for the past decade, from GHB to pro-hormones/pro-steroids, a ‘thrilling expose’* article in a magazine like “Allure” has been an excellent predictor of what is about to be banned.

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I think they are referring to websites like this:

They sell a bunch of crap that will probably do you no good and claim it is all “legal” I accidentally signed up for an account or something cause I wanted to read an article or something. Anyways somehow they got my number and address sent me a brochure, and this guy called me claiming to be my “anabolic adviser” or something like that. So… yah, hopefully they’ll get sued or something.

This link gives a little more info. Mainly it is a warning about Tren Extreme and related products.


I wonder if the FDA will start selling real steroids to discourage use of these counterfeit steroids, lol


the list from the warning: The products named in the Warning Letter are marketed by American Cellular Laboratories, Inc., and include â??TREN-Xtreme,â?? â??MASS Xtreme,â?? â??ESTRO Xtreme,â?? â??AH-89-Xtreme,â?? â??HMG Xtreme,â?? â??MMA-3 Xtreme,â?? â??VNS-9 Xtreme,â?? and â??TT-40-Xtreme.â??

That Tren-Xtreme is making it’s rounds around the gyms here. I imagine with this “banning” it’ll only push the sales even higher. Those guys seem pretty proud of the stuff, I know several max muscle shops that really try pimping it out to people. Thing is they recommend like 400-500 bucks per month of product, so if they’re working on commission I can see why they’re trying to sell it.

The FDA is in cahoots with pharmaceutical companies. They want to keep you unhealthy so that you can live a long life on their medicated pills.

P.S. I like conspiracy theories.