FDA Bans HCG - Thoughts?

Hello everyone,

My doc recently informed me that I’ll have to switch from running HCG to Clomid alongside my TRT. Thought maybe the forum could use a thread about this. To read more, just google “fda bans HCG” and you’ll get the picture. Didn’t want it to be used in weight loss purposes anymore I guess?

Does anyone have experience with HCG vs Clomid on TRT?

What implications does this have for fertility?

Should someone switching from HCG to Clomid expect any side effects?

Any other thoughts?

Yeah, Clomid doesn’t do anything if you are taking test except cost you money. It’s not a replacement.

The FDA did not ban HCG. It banned a particular type of compounding pharmacy from making it. Compounding pharmacies with the correct certification can still make it and regular pharmaceutical stuff is still available as well.

It is still available. I get it from Empower.

The fact that your doctor doesn’t know this is pretty alarming.



HCG has not been banned. It has been declared as a “biological” and as such compounding pharmacies can no longer make it. I’m not sure why the FDA decided to do this. This means you’ll need to go with a commercial brand, such as Pregnyl. This will result in about a 25% increase in cost.

Empower still makes it at their compounding pharmacy

Yeah, you have to be a certain level/type of compounding pharmacy to make/use it now.

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Interesting, are you familiar with Gonadorelin Acetate?


This. I’ve seen so many ppl (and at least 2 you tubers) going on and on about ‘HCG banned in the states!!!’ Wish they’d look into it before telling their viewers that & freaking them out.

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Many people just go around in a stupor and seem to have lost the ability to read. They have the most powerful information tool in the history of the world (Google) but have no ability to quickly ascertain information.


I am a googler. Oddly, I have even been criticized for googling things. Like it is a bad thing that I want to figure stuff I don’t know out, and be factually accurate.

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That trait would firmly put you in the minority.


Seems I’ve incriminated myself for listening to my doctor who I’ve already acknowledged is a bad TRT doc.

I will talk to him about getting a prescription with Empower. My last compounding pharmacy refused to ship interstate due to other regulation. I hope I got an empower near me!