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I was recently ata supplement store in this area that has a sign behind it’s andro products. The sign stated in capitol letters: The Fda is puttong a ban on all andro products they are considered a steriod and therefore are dangerous for use. I asked the guy at the counter about it and He told me that all andro and ZMA, Tribulus terrestis prducts are to be banned soon. He had told me the Fda has found them to be dangerous and being abused by people. My first thought was what gives them the right to ban anything from us? Do we not live in a free country? In the immortal words of Jimi Hendrix,“I’m the one who has to die when it’s time for me to die, so don’t tell me how to live my life.” I was wondering if anyone out ther knows any info on such a ban happening. I know I for one am sick and tired of being dictated to by such individuals. Thanks for any info.

We’re the Govment… we’re here to help you…

Question is… what are YOU going to DO about it?
You are only as free as they allow you to be free.
The sign is fraud, the statement "they are considered a steroid " is a pending decision.
“and therefore are dangerous for use” means all steroids are by default dangerous ?
Define dangerous, name something that is not dangerous if misused!
Define abused… does this mean an un-approved use ?
Does being harmed by using an “approved substance in an approved way” constitute abuse ?

I think that guy was probably just trying to make a sale through scaring people. If people think a supplement is going to be banned, they’ll snatch up as much as they can. I really don’t see how they could ban ZMA since it is nothing more than a mineral supplement (all be it a good one). As for tribulus terrestris, it’s an all natural herb. Herbs have proven to be one area the FDA has little control over. Basically, the guy was full of it.

Shaggy nailed it. The guy’s full of shit and trying to unload some goods. I can’t comment on Andro but as Shagster said, there’s no way ZMA would be banned, lest there was a comprehensive crackdown on all vits/minerals, and we’d know if such a thing was being proposed (by the looting and chaos that usually comes with a government overthrow.)

Clinton’s Drug Advisor Barry McCaffrey (I think that’s his name) is trying to schedule andro as a steroid. It may or may not happen. As for tribulus and ZMA, no way will either of those be yanked off the shelf. Whoever posted the notice in the supplement store you shop at should be strung up by the nuts for using such bullshit sales tactics. They must be pretty desperate for business.

For my two cents… BARRY MCAFFREY IS A COMPLETE DICKHEAD!! he’s the one who should be banned

Thats what I thought, how could zma and tribe be banned? I am sure if there was a problem then Biotest would say something. I even asked the sales person what the heck is this all about(he claimed zma was a steroid and so was trib) the odd part was he said he lifted and therefore knew all about it. I asked him if he knew about the online mag, Testosterone and he said no. I told him he might get a better clue if he read it.I ended up trying to convince him that it was not a steriod but alas, I am an old fart and he is a young kid, I have no idea what I am talking about.(nothing against those that are young.) As for the sign I am sure that people who don’t have any clue will end up believing it. I guess I should go in the morning and ask it to be removed or at least reworded.

I just read Strasser’s reprinted comments in the new hardcopy, T-mag #2. He pretty much thinks the FDA will probably test prohormones at low dosages (as two recent studies on Andro did showing insignificant t-level results) and conclude that Andro simply doesn’t work and thus doesn’t warrant a ban.