FDA Andro Ban

I visited fda.gov and found this information. It has a copy of the letter that the FDA sent to supplement companies, and which companies got letters. I actually didn’t see Biotest there.

This makes me incredibly angry. What do we have to do to keep our government from taking away our freedom? If the government is telling me that I can’t make my body healthier, stronger, and more appealing, what will they tell me I can’t do next?

What angers me so much about this is that I feel like a minority that is getting its rights taken away. If the government all of the sudden said guns are unhealthy and banned them, millions of people would be in an uproar because it is “unconstitutional.” But because this lifestyle that we have chosen to live and be passionate about is small, we have no voice.

I am currently researching ways to get in contact with my elected officials and tell them that I believe this is an injustice to me and my T-Brethren. I encourage you all to do the same. To start, here is the link to the FDA’s info on the andro ban.


Q: What makes FDA believe these products are not safe?

A: Based on a LIMITED number of studies of androstenedione’s actions in humans and existing knowledge about steroid hormone metabolism and action in the body, FDA believes that the use of dietary supplements containing androstenedione may increase the risk of serious health problems because of their conversion in the body to active hormones with androgenic and estrogenic properties.

this tells you how and what kind of letter to get a response. On the left is a link that says email your representative and another that says email your congressman

well technically the right to own a gun is stated in the consistution (2nd amendment). the only reason i know this is because it was on the simpsons.

lately i feel as though the government is stepping on our toes and this is no different. theres so many things more harmful than andro and it just plain sucks that this year’s hot button is steroids.

Fvcking Bush administration. They need to be focusing on the economy and terrorism, not on taking away my personal freedom’s. Screw them, I want someone in there who can trust me to make decisons for myself.

I posted this news on a martial arts site I frequent and these were some of the dumb responses I got. it pisses me off to see such idiotic comments.

"I dont think its a bad thing. Taking supplements to lose weight or gain muscle is stupid, and lazy. The body produces its own hormones at its own level for its own reasons. Dont mess with it."

“The only reason this pleases the hell out of me is because this guy I know will be absoloutly crushed that he has to report back to mother nature.”