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FCC Comments on Broadcast Flag

In light of the new T-Nation concept, I want to bring up and issue that we might be able to help with our numbers. Please take a couple of minutes to think about the following issue, and act on it if you feel so moved.

Many large corporations from different areas of the entertainment industry are joining together in an initiative called Broadcast Flag. You can read more about it here:

Essentially, they are trying to add copy-protection technology to digital television receivers. While in some ways copy protection is right and good, it is not so when it treads on our rights to Fair Use. Fairly using your TV and recording device to record material that you own or have other rights to fall in this category. However, if an initiative like Broadcast Flag is implemented, you will no longer have these rights in your next generation TV. Also, the initiative inhibits further advances in technology use. To quote:

“Because the broadcast flag defines what uses are authorized and which are not, unanticipated uses of content which are not foreseeable today are by default unauthorized.”

The FCC is accepting comments on the Broadcast Flag RIGHT NOW. Unfortunately, today (Dec. 6th) is the final day for comments. This is an extension from Oct. 30. Please go to the following site and make your voice heard! They will get your comment (even if it’s the stock, pre-written one). Your voice does matter!! Comments here:

www.digitalconsumer.org/bcastflag/ fcccomment.html

Thanks for your time.