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FC fighting / Renegade training

Long story short, I’ve been a sport jiu-jitsu guy for some time now. However, I’m now becoming very involved in MMA which now includes two nights per week of vale tudo/jiu-jitsu and another two nights per week of boxing/muy thai (one hour per session of each). For those of you that know, this is pretty tough work and I have to seriously question my recovery ability with regards to lifting. My question is, have any of you tried Coach Davies’ Renegade programs that are specific to MMA? I’m hoping that this may help since I’m assuming he factors in training time/recovery to his programs. As vain and as dumb as it may sound, I still want to be able look like a bodybuilder (kind of like having cake and eating it, too). As always, all input is appreciated (and this includes people who may have insightful ideas b/c they participate in very demanding sports like football or rugby and are in similar situations).

How often do you weight train? I would go to maybe 2-3 days a week, depending on how often you train in MMA. When I was training in Karate, kickboxing, and some boxing (all together, 5-nights a week), I was weight training 2 -days and sometimes would add a third day. I looked BETTER than a “bodybuilder”: leaner, more LBM (yes, I GREW) - in other words, the best shape of my life.

Also make sure you're eating enough food. I was eating ALOT of food. And since I'm getting back into boxing, I know I will be doing this again! Ko will be getting the MMA program by Coach Davies, and I will be getting the boxing. I would also concentrate more on the MMA training in the beginning - and don't worry, you will not lose ANY physical qualities of being a bodybuilder. If anything I betcha you will look "better" (for lack of a better word). MMA is a completely different type of training than weight training and I believe introduces a different "quality" to the physique. Bring on that "functional strength"!