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FBW...Please Critique


I do FBW for last few months, that's my schedule , what do you think?

All exercises are like 10-6 reps /3-4 sets/ + 1 set x20 for warm up
I'm not totally new to gym I was working out when I was younger (now I'm 37)
Started diet a 3 weeks ago (lost 4 lb) , now is 1500-1800 cal , at least 1 g of protein per 1 lb of LBM.
I don't do heavy lifting for my legs and lower back ( no deadlift or squads )..work in construction so don't wanna force to much those muscles ( and after my work).

I changing exercises every 12-15 weeks.
Any advice about my program?
I would like to lose 30 FBM.My weight now is 202 lb, 25-28% of FBM. I can flat bench 3 x 230lb (month ago ..probably now it would be like 240) , I dont know my max.

Did 4 day split before , but now I'm to busy and cant really go more then 3x a week to the gym.
ABS and stretching every other day at home.
Suppls: Whey protein (shakes) + MVit + BCAA
Chest : flat bench BB
Deltoid: Barbell press (behind the neck) using Smith M.
Back: pullups / wide grip/ behind the neck/cables
Biceps: DB curl
Triceps: skull crushers
Legs :seated leg extensions on machine


Chest: Incline BB press
Deltoid : lateral raises
Back: Seated row with machine
Biceps: hammer grip DB
Triceps: dips
Legs: press machine


Chest: Butterfly machine
Deltoid: Butterfly machine ( for rear part)
Back: Pullups/neutral grip/to the front/cable

Biceps: curls on machine
Triceps: flat bench press /narrow grip
Legs: Leg curl for hamstrings

I does that routine for like 5 months already....with great result....(i"m a lot stronger+ there is some more muscles visible)...but maybe I should change something, Ready to learn form you.
That would be my 1 st post :slightly_smiling:
Thank you :slightly_smiling:


If you can only go 3 days a week, I'd recommend something like

Day 1: Chest, shoulders, triceps

Day 2: Back, biceps

Day 3: Legs, calves


I'm 38 when I was a lot younger.....I did exactly this 3x week program, as you rec....even last year (2010)I sign up to gym after a few years break.....and did it again...but had to stop for a year I was too busy at work and home. but started again and decided go with FBW ..(I never did FBW before....)..and feel it suits better for me ...maybe gettin old...or somethin....but it works better.

any suggestion about my FBW program?
Thank you sloh for advice....it is good idea for sure..but just really enjoy FBW for now.


well...i'm also 37 and realize that listening to my body is key, that said i feel better/younger than i did @ 27, the difference between us is - i've been training 4-7 days a week for 6 yrs now only taking a week off perhaps once or twice in that amount of time.

i was a skinny bastard, now i'm not, i could be bigger and leaner, i'm 12-14%bf @215lbs.

bla,bla,bla me me me...

i understand that your frequency is increased w/ FBW but once exercise, 3 sets, per bodypart ain't going to get it done i don't think. seated smith machine behind the neck presses???? come on.

barbell and/or db rows for back, pullups and/or heavy pull downs, rack pulls if not deads at least. you need more meat and potato movements, train your legs, whether or not you think you can, your legs will/can adapt and take the beating. at least 2+ exercises per body part, from the sound of it all you are not bringing Dorian like weight or intensity so your only hope is a bump in volume.

28% bf is pretty fat as you know so the increase in volume will help metabolically. it seems your calorie #'s are low, many folks drop way too quick and their metabolism shits the bed, or they lose weight but it's equal parts fat and muscle, your aim is to keep muscle right?

sorry if i come off like a jerk, it's late, i'm high on NyQuil. i don't post in here too much because it can be frustrating. i sincerely hope you reach your goals, 1500 cals is seemingly low, where were you at before (answer internally because i'm not able to, time wise, keep this an open dialog, i'm busy writing dumb shit in GAL and SAMA)?

age isn't a good excuse, neither is time constraints. you didn't make any excuses so sorry for the pre-judge.

your cals seem low, hope you are cycling at least, and that doesn't mean 3-5 no carb, it means 3-5 low carb centered around bf and pwo carbs. get more quantity of exercises...that is all.


Kabar, if your limitation is 3 days per week, I'd recommend getting rid of the arm and calf exercises. I'm 36 yrs old, and like Cyrus said, my recovery time for certain body parts is not what it used to be. For example, while I can barbell squat multiple times per week and recover, I can only upper body press once per week without over-training my troublesome left shoulder. I like the following 3-day split: Mon - Chest & Lateral and Anterior Delts (incline bench press, high-incline db press, flat db bench, db lateral raises, cable lateral raises), Wed - Lats, Upper Back & Rear Delts (chin-ups, lat pull-downs, chest-supported db rows, inverted rows with feet elevated, db rear delt flys or face pulls), Fri - Legs (back squat, front squat or lunges, RDL, hamstring curl). I follow this split currently, except I do arms on Friday and Legs on Saturday (4-day split). I change up my program from time to time to incorporate more power lifting, but this is what I keep coming back to when my joints get too painful.