FBW for Athletes and Fasting

Hi, I just want to ask if is possible to make some fasting days during this kind of workout.
What i basiccly do is fbw with :
Zecher squat
Bench press
Where monday is ramp to 3RM day, wednesday is eccentric day, friday is isometric day and saturday is cardio day. On which days if anny can i fasting?

Second I offten see that in fbw for athlet you mostly recomend bench wariation can you explaine why? Isnt overhead press more athlet usefull? I ask also because I really dont like benching prefering always pushh press but dont want to neglace chest.

I just want to add another question about this kind of workour. Since I’m type 2a and it’s hard to me to follow the plan long with the same exercise will it be ok to make two A and B versions and make it this way :
Week 1 : A,B,A
Week 2 : B,A,B

What do You think?

Just ping this up in case of missed by CT.