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FBI Declassifies Roswell Files


Just a quick summary.

Trying to read the files(here: http://vault.fbi.gov/UFO) is proving to be tedious to say the least.
I've always been on the fence(and to be honest, not all that bothered) about ET life, but the FBI releasing these files is a big step, the first of many I'd wager.


Also, some really cool footage here( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gq4izhwg3Mo&feature=youtu.be ) and some of it is barely a month old. I dunno how trustworthy guys who claim to be ex-Area 51 employee's are though...


Ho Ly Fuck.....



Tragedy that the only interesting article was a hoax (read: an official FBI document, based off a hoax)


lol I got friends who talk like that guy at the end of the vid all the time. They are on meds too.


funny that now that there are 250 million video/phone cameras in use - AND NO VIDEO OF BIGFOOT or UFOs (and by that I mean a spaceship actually landing and some little fuckers getting off) or LOCH NESS MONSTER, or GHOSTS, or the VOICE OF GOD, et al.

I'm sure that all the videos in that clip are explainable - rockets, military tests, reflections, etc.


You just watched 12 minutes of videos of UFO's man.I'm freaked the fuck out by all of that anyway.


there are some pretty lookin cool shots in that video.


You're freaked out by some military testing, cloud formations and lights?

I'll believe that UFO bullshit when there's video of a silver little guy actually debarking from his spaceship, not just some unexplained phenomena in the sky.


Human civilization is <10,000 years old. Cameras are what? Barely 100 years old?


with the universe the size it is, I would be more surprised if there wasn't another life form.


Everything up to the Jerusalem sighting seemed like military or other gov. projects. But the Jerusalem incident really sticks out to me. Especially at the speed it shoots up in the sky.



  1. You idiot.

  2. Matter can't travel faster than the speed of light and the creation of a wormhole would require more energy than an exploding supernovae.

  3. There's a big difference between believing that ET life may exist somewhere in the universe and believing that aliens crashed a flying saucer in New Mexico in 1947 and that the FBI/CIA/Illuminati/whatever are hiding the truth from the people.


Yeah, agreed.

I think shit is only going to get weirder in the coming years, to be honest. Just a hunch.


Anyone ever saw the clip from the mexican boys?

Creepiest thing I've ever seen. There are also a couple of videos of scientists analyzing the video and even the actual place, all being quite baffled.




You realise that ufo stands for unidentified flying object?Are you retarded?


Those whole thread is entirely retarded.

Aliens should scare people for reasons that they don't even know, not the typical Hollywood 'we have come here to farm your natural resources / because we don't like your face' kind of thing.

That being said, until this INSURMOUNTABLE proof (you'll know it when it happens,) how is this conversation of people RABBLERABBLERABBLEing about aliens going to turn out any different than others?


  1. He didn't say anything outlandish, or make any crazy assumptions.

  2. Wormholes only exist in theory, so we have no concept of what they would require to create.

  3. What would happen on Earth if we did find out if we regularly have ET visitors?


I kinda agree with you. But in a far more friendly and approachable way! =P

My 2 cents.

Yes the universe is inconceivably big. However the circumstances required for a planet to birth organisms and nourish them till they evolve into intelligent life-forms capable of efficient space travel are incredibly strict. You need varied species. You need varied minerals. You need a certain proximity to a star. You need time to evolve without catastrophic events. In fact there's absolutely no point in trying to list all the neccessary prerequisites because we would be here all day and still never finish the list/conceive them all.

It's widely accepted that life out there does exist; but I do think it's improbable that there are, out there in the vacuum of space, creatures flying around in saucers eyeing up our amazing planet earth, dropping off dna capsules and drinking mushroom coffee with ancient civilisations. As sad as that belief makes me, I do love space and hope/wish I was wrong.

We are incredibly lucky to exist, are we humans, and we possess a great gift in imagination that allows us to conjure up such fanciful things.


I found this to be very very disturbing.