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FB Will Be the End of Us All


I log in today, see this.. Amusing, but damn, I feel for the kid who this girl is lighting up.




Can't read a thing


I don't have a facebook, but I never understood why shit like this is even a thang. If it's true, I see nothing wrong with it at all. If false, it can't really do much damage, can it?

So some douche/slut has an STD/had an abortion/cheated on whomever.

Is anyone really surprised by this shit anymore? Everyone knows this kind of shit anyway, eventually.


I think you should blur out the people's names... for obvious reasons.


Fuck that. See above post.


Only to young people.



X2 on that one. In fact, some dipshit on here gave me his fucking phone # a while back. He posted some thread about needing a ride to some ski resort in Colorado so I told him to meet me at the Denver airport's main bar when he got into town and I'd give him a ride, even though I was several hundred miles away at the time.

He saw my offer too late, but I had said that I was going to the same resort he was and we should meet up at the ski resort's bar for a few stiff drinks, even though I don't drink anymore and I was still several hundred miles away. Apparently he actually went to the bar to meet me, thought that he must have missed me somehow and PM'd me his fucking phone number in case I wanted to meet up with him and hit the slopes with him.

Whoever sends me a nice collection of candid photos of their wife/sister/girlfriend/concubine will get his number in return. Area code and everything. I was thinking about posting a bunch of ads in Craigslist's homosexual liaison section with his number as the contact number. PMPM assures me that, while she isn't a criminal attorney and can't guarantee that doing so wouldn't be some sort of prosecutable crime, if it IS a crime it would be extremely hard for the guy to track me down if anything came of it.

So, who wants it?


Yeah, there's a lot funnier stuff to post from facebook than kids arguing about STDs. Not even new-thread-worthy.


They live!!!!!


Right click the image > Open in new tab > bingo bango Mr. Mango


My face book is boring ive never seen anything like this before :frowning: I need to spice things up


I only use facebook to hook up with bitches I wanted back in high school

Sadly they've all let themselves go pretty bad

Only 22 and already look like gilbert grapes mom


I don't even have a facebook account and never saw the appeal. The last thing I want is everyone I ever met to know whet I am doing at all times.

At this point it looks like an extension of the same "high school rumor mill" we all experienced where Sheila sleeps with Bobby and the whole school knows about it by lunch time.

I guess if your mind still finds shit like that interesting, then yeah...it WILL ruin you.


Ct. Rock is Chappelle's bastard son.


DBCooper: Who's that in your profil pic?


Right click "Open in new Tab" -> Use the cursor to magnify.


Some drummer with good fashion sense, I reckon.


When the youth of today no longer remembers the rock stars of my generation, you is old as shit!