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FB to Split

For the past 9 months I’ve been doing 3xFB with Hiit inbetween.
M-W-F fb, and Tu-Th Hiit.
My workout recently has been
Cuban Rotations
Pull ups or Chin ups
Weighted Dips or flat BB press
Seated cable rows
Incline or Decline DB press
DB shoulder press

Anyway the results have been great but I just want a change of pace.
I’ve never done a split, just a upper lower one in 9th grade when I wasn’t serious about weights, just doing it as an elective. I’d like some routine that’s m-t working out, w Hiit, th-f working out. Thanks in advance!

This is what I’ve come up with for day 1, let me know if this is too much or whatever. This is a push day
Weighted Dips
DB Squat
DB Incline press
Hip Adductors
Arnold Press
Calf Raises
Skull Crushers

You seem to still be taking a full-body approach to your lifting, probably because of habit. You have legs, chest, shoulders, AND a tricep exercise in one workout.

If you have been doing full body routines for 9 months, you would want to fully reap the benefits of going into a split. i.e. more isolation, giving legs their own day.

All those exercises are “push” though, and tomorrow is going to be pull. Wednesday HIIT, thur push, friday pull, is that not the most efficient way?


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[quote]Countrylasttime wrote:
All those exercises are “push” though, and tomorrow is going to be pull. Wednesday HIIT, thur push, friday pull, is that not the most efficient way?[/quote]

There is no most efficient way. A “split” is where you put focus on muscle-groups, not movements.

Were you using one routine for 3 days a week for FB? I also noticed too much upper/too little lower. You’re going to need alot more than squats, lunges, and that lame hip machine to build good legs.

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Today was going to be for pull

Seated Cable Row
Hip Abductor
Lateral Raises
Hip Flexors
Chin up
Hammer Curls

If you really want to do a split, get away from the idea of full body push/full body pull days. Hit each body part once per week, and crank the volume/intensity for that body part. There are a ton of good programs out there. If you just want a suggested split, try this:

Mon: Hip dominant legs, Biceps
Tues: Chest, Shoulders
Thurs: Back, Traps, Rear delts
Fri: Quad dominant Legs, Triceps

Or you can place more focus on a lagging body part, and just maintain those that are ahead of the rest.

CT has some great BB splits that you might want to look into.

Maybe I have the body building definition of split wrong. I just wanted a “change of pace.”

I;ve done that Push yesterday and I just got back from that Pull routine, personally I loved them. A great change, lots of enjoyment, new exercises, and my backs never felt so pumped…so is there anything wrong with the above routine? Forget “split” again I just meant, change of pace.

You aren’t wrong in your terminology. When most people hear split, they assume BB split, where you pick one or two body parts per workout. But there is nothing to say you can’t have a push/pull split or an upper/lower split.

Here are a couple thoughts on your layout. If you are truly trying to have push/pull, then Adductors are a pull exercise and abductors are a push. What are you doing for these muscle groups and why?

You have 3 upper body pushes (dips, DB incline, Arnold’s) to 2 upper body pulls (seated row, chins). You should probably add another pull to balance them out.

You are hitting you delts every day…Arnold’s on push day and lateral raises on pull day. Maybe you drop the laterals and replace it with a BOR or something similar.

Lunges are good, but I like Buglarian Split Squats better. If you haven’t done them give them a try.

Are you deadlifting after you do seated rows? I would place that exercise first, since it is the biggest exercise. If you prefatigue your mid back with the rows, your DL may suffer, as well as increasing the risk of injury.

Yeah I did DL’s first and my back is sore as hell for it. The pulls ups and rows with DL is plenty for my back, so it seems… and I’ll keep the laterial raise in mind. Thank you.

Well, good luck. It sounds like you already know what you want to do.