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Favre Signing with Vikes Today?


Just heard this on ESPN Radio. Childress confirms this, farve is on a plane now. Thoughts? Anyone care?





We're all sick of Favre's antics...He is a very charismatic leader..I believe the Vikings will be a force to be reckoned with this season.


I was going to pull for the Vikings this year...not anymore.




If he can throw a completion once in a while instead of getting set on his ass, he'll do better than his fiasco with the NY Jests. I watch NASCAR for the wrecks and the NFL for the trainwrecks. Great entertainment.



I actually thought they would've been fine even with Rosenfels since it's a weak division.

Obviously Berrian and Shiancoe get a bump in the rankings but I won't be surprised if they add another FA WR now that Favre is around.


Good Favre watch can end. He was just waiting for camp to end. So who does he throw the ball too? Rookie WR are not known for big impacts.


Please tell me this is a joke. I used to like Favre, but all this flip-flopping on retirement is seriously cutting in to my respect for this guy.


The only that pisses me off about all of this is when the media cries about how sick they are of Favre and how they wish he would make up his mind. What a crock of shit! The media loves Favre. They love having him around to write about and report. They complain about his flip-flopping, but they can't accept when a man says he hasn't made up his mind yet.

Has he done some childish things? Of course. When you're praised for acting like a kid -- on the field -- for over 15 years, of course that's going to carry over into other things.

I have no problem with him playing. I'm not rooting for him and I'm not rooting against him. If he wants to play, and gets to play, good for him.


Yeah, he's gotta be just milking the media attention with the "oh I'm retried" "wait a minute, I love football, hell yeah I'll sign with the viks!"



Mr Farve has released a statement
"I am not comfortable talking about the Vikings.
I'm comfortable in Wranglers.
real comfortable"
Then he threw a stick to his dog, but another dog came out of nowhere and intercepted it


Points for humor and creativity.



I read the title as "Favorite singing vikes today".

I thought you meant favorite Scandinavian heavy metal bands.


You're video post was pretty damn funny, reminds me of an ex. For the record, I have nothing against Brett Farve, but at what point is enough enough. I respect him as a player, though clearly diminished, still a very probable hall of famer. But at what point do these off season antics become too much? You have alienated a lot of packer fans (fans in general) and lost a little respect with your peers more than likely. Worth it? We forget that none of us really "know" any of these people, but one wonders


I am gonna retire for real this time...No really, I just wanna cut grass. My ass. I wish he'd just shut up.


The vikes should have have a really good offensive line, so he will probably do really well. Didn't the Jets have a winning season with him, versus the previous season without him? Favre just sucked it up at the end of the season, but their record was good.

I bet everyone will be watching Favre vs Rogers this season!


Yea, Sorry I did Spell his name Wrong in the title, Was typing fast and overlooked it. Favre, I think he will do well and I too think the media loves this shit for the simple fact that they can complain about it. I don't really care one way or the other about the theatrics.

Hell, he pulled the trigger before my fantasy draft and though I most likley would never draft him, he does effect the value of players around him. I think berrian, peterson and harvin all get a slight bump.



Farve + AP = interesting games for the vikes. But I still don't think they are SB bound.


Good. Green Bay is going to terrorize him.