Favourite Sporting Clips

I noticed the favourite sporting pictures and bodybuilding pictures thread over in the physique and performance photos forum…so thought it might be a good thing to do a similar thread here.

So, post yout favourite sporting clips here!

Football tricks:

NFL Hits:

Terry Tate :wink:

Classic Ronnie Coleman:

I favourite all my clips on youtube. So I have a lot, but heres the best I can find. Enjoy.

Ross Enamait Training, he’s an animal

Martial Arts “Tricking”

Best of Ronaldinho

All of Kobe’s 81 Points

One-Arm Pullups!

Crazy Upper Body Strength

Pride Knockouts

Pyrros Dimas Workout

Mike Powell vs Carl Lewis Long Jump - Horrible Music Mind You

Jordan Commercial with Original Moves


Test of Strength

Test of Strength 2

Slamnation’s Kadour Ziani

Strength Feat Complilation