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Favourite Routines


Anyways, since I have been continually surprised that this hasn't been posted (maybe it has and i missed it) i figured I might as well ask. So this is a thread to discuss everyone's favorite routines, whether it be for mass building, strength training, or any other goals you may have. So far, I have only done westside barbell, bfs, and then started making my own variations (to specialize for combat sports).

So what does everyone think about the routines outlined here in T-Nation???

Let the discussion begin.


So far, I've loved every Waterbury program I've done. Looking forward to trying out some of the other strength coaches' program too though.


another vote for Waterbury here. Everything he's done is good.

Also Joe Defranco's WSSB was quality.

Meltdown part II too.


I have never followed any type of training routine what so ever. I have just trained instinctively on and off for about 10 years. Mostly due to being in the military and deployments and all that. Right now I am looking into trying out a specialized type of routine. I know this web site will provide some great ideas!!!


Westside Conjugate

And 20 rep squats.


Classic EDT, before the arm's specialization. My first back + shouders EDT workout was the closest I've come to yacking in a public gym. Good times.


I'm doing TBT and I love it

Dont 20 rep squats make you really come close to heaving, or is that just me? :wink:


It's me too!

I did a program once that looked something like this:

  1. Three sets of squats. Two warm ups and the third set was for 20 reps.

  2. Barbell Row: three sets all 10 reps. Every set was almost to failure.

  3. Overhead Press: three sets, again all 10 reps almost to failure.

I did this program three days per week for eight straight weeks. I also ate everything in site! I was literally always full. I have no idea how much protein I consumed as I did not track it, but I bet it had to be 200 grams per day.

I gained 10 pounds in those two months! Granted it was not all muscle, but my strength levels went through the roof when I got back to my regular routines.

That may have been only a 9 set three times per week program, but it was very difficult (mostly because of the Squats). I never did that program again. Just the thoughts of it sort of make me queasy :slight_smile:


Variations of push-pull, horizontal chest and back together, and vertical chest and back together. Legs are squats dominant one workout and dead dominant another.


my favorite dieting program by fars been Lyle Mcdonalds ultimate diet 2.0

and for bulking, its pretty much anything conjugate. i just get in there, do a max on something, do a rep workn thing for the weakness on the max, and do a couple really high rep sets(>15) as i grow really fucking easy, but then again im anaturally fatty haha.


Classic GVT is working well for me right now. Last time I tried, (years ago now) it didn't produce, but returning to it now after CT's workouts (another fav of mine) it's doing wonders for me. Perhaps it's because I returned to a higher volume than I have done in a while.


another vote for CW. You get in and out in usually an hour or under and his routines add size and strength.


CT's shoulder program always gave me some good aches/gains. And nothing more fun than a good EDT day.

Oh yeah, "the bear", perfect if you haven't been looked at in confused awe for awhile.


im a big fan of the classic 5x5. simple, and it gets the job done.


WS4SB's and TBT