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Favourite Music Vids...

Just wanted to share this with you as i figured that since it’s English and not so much mainstream you probably won’t have heard it. It’s funny as fook too.

If anybody wants to add anything, go for it

These are some of my favorites

California Love-2Pac

I Get Around-2Pac

One More Chance-Notorious BIG

Big Poppa-Notorious BIG

Summertime-Fresh Prince/Will Smith

Rump Shaker-Wreckx’n’Effect

yeah they’re ok, but heres some real music

My opinion - the best music videos are for kinda-mainstream electronica:

come on my selector - squarepusher

anything by aphex twin (come to daddy, windowlicker, etc)

hell, even some of the fatboy slim videos aren’t without total merit.

[quote]tassie wrote:
yeah they’re ok, but heres some real music

If you seriously like that, kill yourself!