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Favourite Lifter?


Mine's probably Lu Xiaojun or Kendrick farris

he looks so happy when he's lifting

causes he's awesome.


Dmitry Klokov

no further explanation needed


dimus all time and klokov


Xiaojun probably has the most prominent traps of all.


Andrei Aramnau

drinking and driving and don't give a fuck!


so many... but I think the one that impressed me most is yuri zakharevich


All time

Illya lin is a BEAST TO WATCH! SUPER slick and SUPER fast.



Stefan Topurov 185 Kg in C&J @ 60 Kg body weight
Naim Suleymanoglu 190 kg in c&J @ 60 Kg body weight
Vardanian 215 kg in C&J @ 75kg body weight
Yurik vardanian 224 kg in C&j 2 82.5 body weight, did cleaned 230 kg.
Antonio Krastev from Bulgaria 216 kg in snatch. Super heavy weight.
All the chinese team
Et,etc, etc, etc


victor sots he didnt split his jerks . ronny weller and botev . and klokov .


Zhang Gouzheng.