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Favourite Exercises for Each Muscle


Here are my favourite exercises for every muscle i work

Biceps- (1) Standing barbell curls (2). 21's
Triceps- (1) Bench press (2) close grip bench press
Chest- (1) Bench press (2) Incline bench press
Abs- (1) PLank (2) decline crunches
Shoulders- (1) shoulder press (2) Arms raises
Legs- (1) squats (2) deadlifts or glute ham raises
Back- (1) Deadlifts (2) rows


Are you asking for other peoples?

Biceps-preacher curls
Chest-flat bench
Back-deadlifts & fat grip db rows


Biceps-Zercher Squat


Quads - Squat
Hams - Dead
Chest - DB BP
Back - Pullup, 1 arm chin eccentrics, Barbell row, 1 arm DB row
Shoulders - DB Shoulder press, Facepull (medial and rear delts), Incline DB / Barbell BP (medial delts), Shrug, Barbell row (rear delts)
Bis - 1 arm barbell curl, Hammer curl
Tris - Overhead thumbless kettlebell extensions
Calves - 1 and 2 leg toe raises in stairs
Forearms - no direct work
Abs - no direct work


Here are mine:

chest: flatbench, push ups.
shoulders: militarypress, facepulls.
back: deadlift, chins, one arm dbrow.
legs: squat, lunges.
core: back raises, leg raises.
arms: dips, close grip chins, cabelcurls.


chest: db bench
shoulders: military press and face pulls
back: deadlift and cable rows
legs: squat
core: ab wheel and planks
arms: db curls, triceps extension


chest - shrugs
triceps - shrugs
legs - upright rows
forearms - Browse T-Vixen 14.0


Chest: Flat DB press
Back: rack chins
Shoulders: push press
Traps: neutral grip shrugs
Biceps: offset DB curl
Triceps: rolling DB extension
Quads: hack squats
Hamstring: Good Mornings
Calves: standing raise
forearms: pinwheel curl