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Favourite Exercise at the Moment

Just wondering whether people have started using something new or rediscovered an exercise that really works for them. I’ve recently started doin t-bar rows (never bothered to set it up before) and find they seem to fatigue my back and bi’s quite quickly and generally feel good.

(sorry about the crap pic, but also a good oppurtunity to show pro’s, not this guy doin the exercise)


LOL, I just made a post about straining my back doing those. Not knocking it, I don’t think I warmed up properly.

Lately I’ve really been liking bent rows with an underhand grip and seated barbell press. Oh and I started using rack lockouts to try and strengthen my triceps since I don’t have a dip machine. I think they’re gunna help me bring up my bench.

triceps dips,
always used chest dips (forward lean) and really like how they hit my triceps

feel them much more than cg presses


(Smith High Incline Presses)

Also a big fan of rack pulls

Dumbbell pullovers.

Power Cleans with a “Romanian-style legs” looooow eccentric… My back muscles (from neck to calves) hate me :slight_smile:


I’m surprised no one mentioned this yet 0.0

Rowing to chest with dumbell with elbows inside instead of rowing to abdomen ,super great for back thickness.
I like classic bent over rows and do them too.

[quote]fabiop wrote:
My back muscles (from neck to calves) hate me :-)[/quote]

So your traps, lats, rhomboids, spinal erectors, glutes and hams ALL hate you?

5x10 weighted chinups! sort of following wendler’s boring but big philosophy: i do weighted pullups for sets of triples and 5s, then later do 5x10 chinups. my arms are almost as thick as they are tall, i think partly from this :slight_smile:
feels damn good too.

Olympic Squats

Laugh all you want, but adding in wall squats (leaning against a swiss ball) with your heels elevated on a block for high reps burn the shit out of my quads, and they feel great!

Its a good makeshift way of doing like a machine hack squat.

One arm counterweighted pullups. It’s been a nice variation to weighted regular pullups. Wish I could do a one arm pullup with no counterweight at all, but maybe one day.

[quote]LankyMofo wrote:
fabiop wrote:
My back muscles (from neck to calves) hate me :slight_smile:

So your traps, lats, rhomboids, spinal erectors, glutes and hams ALL hate you?[/quote]

With a 5 sec eccentric, keeping the bar close to my body, my scapulae retracted all to way down, 'till plates gently touch the ground…I can understand why they do it :slight_smile:



So boring i know but it’s feeling so smooth [as snatches are wont to do] and I just know the road to 100kg will have far less maintenance and potholes than it would have before now.

But for something more exciting I’m liking [hating] Bulgarian split squats. The most ball sack building lift ever. After doing the first leg and being absolutely fucked you get the grand prize… Do the other leg!


Cable Pullovers

Bench Press, and Curls

Pull Ups, Heavy Deadlifts