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Favorite Whiskey?


[edit] not sure if everyone recognizes the girl, but that is the fine ass of miss Jessica Biel. And thanks for the replies fellas, two pages of responses in one night is good IMHO! Now I just have to try them all and make up my own mind as to which is best. This could take awhile though :wink:

To make up for not being related to girls, here's a picture of a girl we all know and appreciate! :wink:

I realize this isn't really related to sex and the male animal. Except for the fact sometimes it helps to be drunk to have the courage to take one for the team. I owe a friend a favor for some help me gave me. I'm a beer drinker and not much into the hard a.

If fact I used to drink Bacardi when I was younger but stopped that after I learned the taste of a good beer. Any recommendations for a generally good bottle of whiskey? Not looking to part with a crisp hundred dollar bill, but I would like to show the guy my appreciation.


Go for a Glenlivet 15 year old French Oak Reserve.

About $40 and makes for a great gift.


Lagavulin. It is very smokey and you can smell a campfire as you drink it.

Johnnie Walker Green Label is a close second.

I am partial to Scotch Whiskeys


I'm a big fan of Irish Whiskey. Jameson 12 year old is fantastic, and will only set you back about $45.00.


Tullamore Dew is nice. About $33 if I remember correctly.

Jack Daniels for $20 if you feel like being even cheaper.

I find all the Johnnie Walker's to taste about the same, despite different agings.


JW black
Knob creek


You won't part with your 100, buy you cant use Andrew Jackson to buy it:

McClellen 12 year. (SP?)


Only way to go.


single barrel jack daniels....everything else is a distant second


Hell yeah.

Although I also appreciate Glenmorangie when I'm feeling all Highlandy and single-malty.

An Irish friend of mine in Japan is an amateur brewer. I used to go over to his beautiful house overlooking the Pacific for long evenings sampling his newest creations, and it would inevitably end with us getting monumentally trashed.

On one memorable occasion, we were joined by an attractive young Canadian woman, who could, quite admirably, keep pace with us in the drinking arena. In addition to the handmade stouts, porters and ales that evening, my Irish friend also had on hand a bottle of Jameson. He contented himself with the beer, and the young lady and I set to work on the bottle.

I'm somewhat embarrassed to admit that the two of us polished off that entire bottle, which was probably not a very healthy thing to do. It affected my judgement so completely that I declined the young lady's invitation to accompany her home, preferring to walk the two and a half miles on the winding coast road to my own house.

The thing about this road is that there are no streetlights, and on this particular night (or morning, rather, for by then it was about 3 AM) there was no moon, so it was pretty damn dark.

It seemed to take an interminably long time to get there, and my eyes were closed most of the way. By the grace of some god (Bacchus, I'm guessing), I made it home without passing out, falling down a cliff into the ocean, or puking.

Good stuff, Jameson.


Jameson :slight_smile: it's a beautiful thing


I too am a beer guy, through and through.

But damned if a Knob Creek on ice doesn't take me to a whole new level of good livin. Especially when I'm bbq'ing steaks.


ok, I post about vodka in my pre workout shake, and I get the shit kick outa me for it

but this whiskey thread is being honored?

seriously bros, what the hell


I'm more of a rum guy, but if it's gonna be whisky, make it Maker's.


Dewars is a pretty good staple scatch. All the scotch drinkers I know use it as thier everyday scatch of choice. A buddy of mine who is also into mainly hard drinks really likes Glenlivet. Personally I think scotch and other wiskeys are horrible. I mean I can't even get through a glass of the stuff. Give me a beer, any beer over that stuff anyday.





colt 45
Natty light?


Pendleton whiskey....if you have not tried it, do yourself a favor.

Get a glass, fill it with ice, pour this on top......complete win.


Jack Daniels Single Barrel


You know whats funny, on special occasions a couple times a year I actually grab two colt 45s in lieu of a 12 pack of my usual stuff. I really do enjoy them and it's fun because you have to drink them fast or you will be left drinking piss warm shit. And while technically colt 45 is malt liquor, yes I would still gladly drink it over gasoli... I mean scotch. Natty light is nothing.