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Favorite Wealth/Investing Websites


What sites do you guys frequent? What is the T-Nation equivalent?
I don't have much disposable income and want to learn what I should be doing besides just paying down my tuition. Thanks in advance.


If you are a n00b then I would say just learn the basics through formal literature. If you go on a message board for investing equivalent to T-Nation then you will only be bogged down in a number of advanced theories that are far beyond you at this point, due to both experience and capital reasons. Kind of would be like a n00b weightligter looking at BBB vs. Doggcrap when he really just needs to eat a shit ton and do heavy compounds.

I would say read some things by Warren Buffett, get a basic understanding, and go from there. I am sure some others in here have other specific books that they could supply you with.


Kman I see your point. I think noobs learn a lot from a site like this one though. As of now real estate is the only investment vehicle I feel remotely comfortable with. I'm sure there are sites like this one with beginners and sections for them.

Most of my financial literacy is from the Rich Dad series. Whether that's good or bad I don't know. I like their approach.



Theyre canadian but the ideas translate. Read the markets at a glance articles for the last 3 years. They are making me a lot of money. Buy gold, silver, miners, commodities. Avoid realestate and fixed income like the plague.

I own physical, mutual funds are up about ~70% ytd, my choice miners are up 200-600%.



I'm not sure how it stacks up against other finance related sites, but I've found their forums pretty informative. Of course it's more credit focused though.


poorer than you
five cent nickel
get rich slowly
i will teach you to be rich
the simple dollar

google "personal finance blogs" and you'll get a bunch.


Motley Fool used to be good. Not sure if they're still around, though. I'm too rich to be bothered with googling anything.


Two types of investing styles active (this includes value} and passive.
Jim Kramer(cnbc mad money) and John Bogle( Vanguard index) are two examples.
Read up on these guys. We could be heading into a bull market.


does that mean the price of gold will drop? i need to get some jew golds for 2012, but it's so expensive!


Some of the talking business heads say that gold is headed for 1500 an ounce,due to demand from Asia.
No way to know for sure that is part of the game. I buy gold for personal use(wife].
There is a fear factor with people purchasing gold. Some experts say buy a gold etf for investing-more liquidity
and diversity.



weakonomics blog sometimes has good insight

But in general, if you are still in school with minimal disposable income, stay away from stocks and investing schemes that websites promote through their advertisers.


If you are limited income try opening an IRA - May I suggest Vanguard S&P 500 index or Total Stock index.
You can open for as little as $100 and get a tax break. Remember keep costs and taxes low.


This site is the T-Nation equivalent for Real Estate and yes RE is a good investment right now because it is so fucking cheap.

Dispels a lot of the bullshit from the main media and gives a more unbiased view of the economy and politics that affect it.

1. Don't buy mutual funds they won't make you any money and they charge a ton of fees. ETFs are better/cheaper.
2. Diversity helps limit your losses but it also limits your gains, which hardly anyone talks about. Fully research a few select investments and then load up. It's the only way to make size money.
3. Listen to what everyone else around you is doing (except experts that are currently making money and have a long history of not fucking up) then do the exact opposite. The herd has been getting slaughtered/butt fucked since the dawn of time. If people actually knew what they were talking about then everyone would be rich as fuck. Most experts blow chunks too hence why everyone's 401ks and retirement savings disappeared.
4. IRA/401ks are ok, especially ROTH, but you can't use that money until you are a certain age without huge penalties. Also, the government has and probably will keep pushing that age mark back. With the looming debt I wouldn't be surprised if they taxed the shit out of them even though ROTH has already had taxes paid on it.
5. Keep detailed track of your gains and losses...taxes are so much easier to complete.
6. ???
7. PROFIT!!!