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Favorite Vocal Performance


What are some of your favorite vocal performances? Bands or singer any genre.

One of the best covers.


I've said it before and I'll say it again: Karen O from the Yeah, Yeah Yeahs has the best voice in rock today, hands down.


Favorite rock vocal:


Hells yeah! Chris Cornell!


I knew you'd approve ID.


Male Vocalist:

Female Vocalist (At the moment) Though, I DO like KarenO, also.


This one that can stand up to most performances in rock. I've seen Quadrophenia a ton of times.

DB, if Chrissy Hyndes and Iggy Pop had a baby, that chick from your videos would be her, cool sound.




Favorite female vocalist:


I think I actually kind of agree with IH about it being Maynard(only want to go with people I've actually seen live though); but gonna change it up and throw this out there. Brent Smith turns into a totally different person when he intros this cover and the performance is fucking awesome. I actually don't like Shinedown at all and saw them because they performed with 3 other bands, but I was glad I stayed anyways.


June Carter- I can jerk off to her voice alone

Motorhead- Lemmy is one of the most badass vocalist ever

Hank 3- Sounds like Sr. only better


Lemmy is the Keith Richards of metal.


I gotta throw some Luther in here.


Adele has an incredible voice.

you gotta be able to do it live. studios can make anyone sound great.

it may not be your type of music but just close your eyes and listen


Damn law-shysters, can't watch most clips on Youtube nowadays.

My favorite vocalists would surely include Mike Patton, David Bowie, Björk, Fiona Apple.

Some weeks ago, I found this gem:

Growling AND singing clean vocals in one verse is quite an art. Music's not too bad either.

This guy had an interesting technique, too:


I could literally post all day on this subject, but I'll chill for a bit and leave with just these for now. Great thread.


This guy can definitely sing.


It's old and I'm sure everyone's already seen it, but this still gets me,


What a shock to the system that was!

That took everyone for a surprise. Good video.