Favorite Videos? Suggestions?

I’m a fan of Ronnie Coleman’s Unbelievable, Pumping Iron, Lou Ferrigno’s Stand Tall, that documentary Bigger, Stronger, Faster… Jay Cutler’s All Access was pretty cool. Dorian Yate’s Blood and Guts…

What am I missing? What’s a good video? And if you’re willing, why do you consider it a good watch?

I would have to say my favorite training video is “A week in the dungeon”. Dorian Yates training Mark Dugdale for a week. I like it partly because I’m a huge Dorian Yates fan, but mostly because it really helped up the intensity of my workouts. Dorian is more instructional than he is in blood and guts and he makes it very clear how hard you should be pushing each rep and set. I realized after watching it, that I wasn’t truly giving 100 percent.