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Favorite Video Game Tunes?


Lately (mostly out of nostalgic reasons) I find myself listening to a lot of video game tunes on youtube. There are some real hidden gems in there. A few of my favorites:

Unreal tournament 2004

Dragon age origins:

Zelda ocarina of time:

Anyone else got some?


Streets of rage probably had the best soundtrack ever in terms of squeezing all sorts of power out the genesis/megadrive sound chip


Panzer Dragoon had one of the best soundtracks of all time.
Original, exotic and strangely melodic. Literally the last song of the series is this jewel:

Crysis had a nice theme and a KICKASS combat music.

Lair's ost was utterly spectacular.
A bit conanesk, but surely no cheap ripoff. Definitely 5*. Buy the soundtrack!
Shame most critics weren't amused about the game itself.

a medley of one of japan's best composers, Yuzo Koshiro:

I fucking loved Strider's music, right from the inserting-a-coin-effect. A modern, arranged version:



Oops, that was a remix.. Here is the original by Hans Zimmer:



http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=73n7HTcmb5g (Best VGM ever)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-XD4EjeXe1A (Semi-related)

That's all I have for now, but I also just woke up!


Soul Reaver FTW. I have the sound tracks on cd. Great great music.



Duke Nukem beyond any doubt


Doogie and Redstarr good call, the rest suck. :stuck_out_tongue:


"Every morning, I wake up to this song, get out of bed fully clothed, eat breakfast, and then leave for school as my house behind me explodes in the coolest way possible, and each and every day I rebuild my house for the whole process to be repeated again the next day."


wow, great contribution!



Pokemon Gold/Silver when you face Red on the top of Mount Silver.... EPIC!


Read my mind dude!

Must have played the same games growing up


Unless you have been crossing the Mojave killing Deathclaws while listening to "Big Iron" you obviously have no idea what you are talking about.



starting at 1:06

spent close to a semester playing this game


Ha! Forgot how awesome the quake tracks were.