Favorite Unconventional Insults/Curse Words


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Yeah, I didn’t need to know that either.


Sure you did. It’s important to know about the cheese :cheese:

How can you keep good hygiene without adequate cheesicate? No girl (or guy for that matter) wants a cheesy guy.

If uncircumcised this is not a worry. Otherwise one needs to get scrubbing to avoid a potentially cheesy situation down the line.

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Umm, I’m American, so def circumspect, and I, uhh…make sure that it’s very clean at least once a day…

I take a similar approach and tell people that’s ‘cute’ when they say something offensive or stupid.

But. I also say fuck at least 100 times a day. I also started calling people dog face pony soldier and have called people ‘monkey’s doctor’ since I was like 10.

Clown dick

Never forget.


Since I first heard it, I’ve always liked the insult “douche canoe.” The imagery that is conjures makes me laugh every time.


Fuck you… you Cumcatcher

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Insulting people using descriptive bird or rodent names is a common occurrence from me.

Bush turkey
Bin chicken
Giant flightless goose
Scrub rat
Bloody gallah
Drowned rat

More so used to playfully tease rather than genuinely insult.


A nice disarming insult:
“That’s Fantastic!” said in a certain way can really tell someone off

“chicken legged d**k” - works well with annoying people at gyms

I occasionally break out the old “Thumb my nose at you” a la Shakespeare, since most people are idiots and don’t get the reference.


I remember when my English teacher explained that to us :laughing:

When someone does something shitty, we say “how nice?” With a big smile

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douche rocket is also a good one.

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Reminds me of the pump up rockets we had as kids, the ones you fill half way with water then pressurized, then splooosh!


OMG!!! Where the heck have you BEEeeen?!?!

Good to see you posting again!!

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Haha just got busy with life! It’s nice to receive such a good reception and welcome back from the old crew :grin:

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This is spectacular

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“Mother Trucker” is about as blue as it gets from me.

I’ve kinda ruined any future experiences whenever I have kids and take them to the build-a-bear workshops. They’re gonna be wondering why mom can’t keep it together from laughter lol