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Favorite Type Of Fish


Both in terms of taste and nutrition. Personally, I like mahi-mahi, cod and monkfish. All three are pretty firm and have really low fat contents. Anyone else with thoughts?


Salmon, tastes great and has good amounts of healthy fats.


My favs: flounder-whitest, flakyest fish I've ever eaten, speckled trout-another very white and flakey fish. Neither have a "fishy" smell or taste after preparation.


Haven't cooked with that much fish but the ones I do buy are Salmon and Telapia. They're the typical lean white meat fish.




salmon, lean white meat?

not sure what kind of salmon you eat, but it's usually not white.


I always order mahi-mahi in seafood places. It is always a safe bet.

I just tried to grill shark tonight. It turned out rubbery.


Salmon, tilapia; used to get great slabs of bluefish when I lived in CT, which we don't find in western NY. We'd squeeze a fresh lemon over it and bake it. Great taste.


if you only ever eat cooked fish, you are missing out.
salmon, yellowtail, and albacore (with ginger) are amazing when they are very fresh and served raw.


Smelt and perch are my favorites. Taste great, lower on food chain (less accumlated toxins) and local (Great Lakes). Also, I enjoy wild Alaskan salmon in the can.

Though I like all fish, I stay away from many due to ecological and toxicological concerns:


Well, it's pink. What I'm saying is that these fish are like the chicken of seafood.


Salmon is pretty much all I eat as far as fish go...ohh and Tuna of course


mackeral, snapper, monkfish, and those spanish white anchovies.


Walleye, Perch. I dont know about the nutritional value but they are some of the best tasting local fishes.

I look forward to some day trying Marlin steak fillets. Oh and dont forget trout, what a great tasting fishy.


Speckled Trout all the way.


I knew my fellow Louisianians would back me up on this. Specks are a delicious.


I know this is alarming, but honestly, you'd have to eat pounds and pounds of it a month to have any detrimental effects. You have a better chance of getting a bacterial infection from the fish than something like mercury poisoning.


Around here Walleye is king.


Yeah, but I mostly go in for the ecology anyways.

Maybe the chance of me dying from the fish is like 0.0001%, but for the fish, they're 100% dead, each time. So I like to make sure they've still got enough family in the water, so we aren't the last generation to know cod or orange roughy.

Also, that the fish aren't harvested in a destructive and wasteful manner (by-catch), even if the stocks aren't being over-depleted. Some fishing methods scrape up the ocean floor, or kill off non-game fish, in an effort to harvest more of the target fish at defrayed costs.



Chilean sea bass. Firm, flaky fish. Simply outstanding.