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Favorite Type of Carry?


For all of you that have weighted carries in your programs, which one do you find the most beneficial or your favorite?

I’ve been doing trap bar carries for the last 2 years so I am biased towards them just because most gyms will have a trap bar these days.

But recently I picked up a sandbag. I think front carries will probably help most my lifts and day to day activities compared to some of the other ones.


I’m waiting on my sandbag, so at the moment, grocery carries are at the top of my list.


My neighbors always look at me weird because I will do EVERYTHING in my power to make it all in one trip. This includes using my mouth to carry 2 bags lol.

I don’t think it’s the deadlifts that have made my traps bigger haha!


Keg Carries, bear-hug. Love the looks I get in my neighborhood, granted it is funny seeing some shirtless fool sprinting up the street holding a keg when its 90 degree.


Is there beer in this keg? Do you chug at the end of your run?


At one point in the not so distant past there was. If i tried to chug the wet sand inside, I think I would get more concerned looks.


Sandbag, followed VERY closely by keg. Then yoke, then farmers with implements.

Sandbag will make you brutally strong on the pick. Kegs make you ugly strong on very long carries. Heavy yoke breaks your soul. Light yoke breaks your spirit. Farmers make your arms look big.



I don’t know much about strongman stuff, what kind of sandbag do you recommend? Or does it make a difference?


I have only ever used an Ironmind sandbag. First one I abused and it split (used to drag it across the sidewalk). Second one no issues.


Thank you


another sandbag vote. Both bear hugs and lapped sideways. Make it way heavier than reasonable and realize the fear it generates sitting in the corner.


To be honest, I hate all carries. The one that takes the cake for revolting movements, for me, is the Cross. Just hated by everyone I’ve seen carry those things lol

So I guess all the carries that aren’t a cross are my favourites.


Maki’n all kinds of beer gains.


Sandbag, farmers, keg. In that order.


Farmers carry (or just carrying something really heavy in both hands at your side) will give you great traps.


I really don’t mind to Carry whatever I have available.

At the moment I’ve been using what I can.

I’ll put a bunch of bricks in one of my backpacks and carry it back and forth, or a truck tire I have in my back yard, and lay on my shoulder with my head in the circle and carry it like that, or some cement blocks that I tie together in a stack, and carry them overhead. Whatever I can find works.


I was about to fire in and say i love a lamb bhoona or South Indian chilli chicken, both with a peshwari naan😂