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Favorite TRT Provider? In Detail, Why?

I’ve been on TRT for about a year. I pay $199 a month and the reason why I like them is because I can text the owner and he gets back to me right away.

I’m just thinking however. Is $200 a month doable for years?

$200 a month isn’t too bad IMO. I was with Defy, and it ended up being about that amount. I was receiving Test C 150 mg/wk, HCG 250 IU 3X a week and Adex .125 mg 2X a week (wasn’t using much of the adex). With the twice yearly blood work and two consults it was really close to $200 a month.

I decided after learning for about two years with them, and spending a bunch of time on here and other sites that I would do it on my own. TRT is very cheap if you are okay going UGL for test, and ordering your own blood work, and making adjustments if your blood work is bad. I can get comprehensive labs for about $350. I get a physical were general health is checked about once a year too.

I can’t really recommend my method without knowing someone’s knowledge in hormones and general control loop theory. I wouldn’t recommend it to my friends who have asked, because they have a high probability of screwing themselves up.

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I live in the USA. My urologist manages my trt. Covered under insurance. I can email him and he gets back to me.

Testosterone script fill at Costco. Cheap even with no insurance. Good rx.
He gives me daily Cialis. Also Viagra.
He orders labs whenever I want it.

Probably cost me about $20-30 a month.

How did you get it prescribed?
Also. How much is your cialis?

Cause I was diagnosed with hypogonadism.

Cialis goodrx is less than $30 for 90 five mg pills.

My Dr gives me 200mg cypionate a week. Though I only inject 140 right now.

I did get the testosterone approved by insurance but I need to fill out a form each year. Am just going to use good rx now

My current clinic is my favorite, just because of access to products & they’ll send any Rx to my CVS so I don’t have to use compounded stuff. They’re pretty cheap & $99-150/month. However, I don’t think they’re as up to date on current protocols, AI usage, etc as they could be

Do you have a link for them?

Rejuvenation Care Clinic, Florida

Where do you live?

I don’t have any recommendations for a provider, but I can comment on what TRT should cost if you were to find a PCP friendly to TRT and you are willing to pay out of pocket. It’s not very expensive, so I don’t even bother trying to get my insurance to cover it.

PRIMARY HORMONES (all prescribed) = ~$907/year = $2.48/day

Testosterone Cypionate -Pizer branded Depo-Testosterone 200mg/mL - Local Pharmacy $63.36/10 mL. At prescribed dose of 0.2 mL E3D = 50 doses/vial = 150 days of treatment = $0.4224/day = $154.18/year

HCG - Merck branded PREGNYL - Local Pharmacy $127.01/10,000 IU = $0.012514/IU. At 1050 IU/week (current dose 2X more than prescribed) = $13.34/week = $693.47/year.
NOTE: you can probably get by with half this amount.

Syringes (for testosterone) - 122 (28G 1/2 inch) 1 cc insulin syringes/year. Currently use Easy Touch brand from https://www.totaldiabetessupply.com/products/easytouch-28g-1cc-1-2-inch. $14.45/100 = $0.14 each = 122 X $0.14 = $17.08 /year

Syringes (for HCG) - 156 (31G 5/16 inch) 0.5 cc insulin syringes/year. Currently use Easy Touch brand from https://www.totaldiabetessupply.com/products/easytouch-insulin-syringe-31g-5cc-5-16-inch. $13.99/100 = $0.14 each 156 X $0.14 = $21.84 /year

Doctor Visit (copay) = 1/year at $20 = $20.00 /year

Annual Labs = $0 (no copy)

Additional Labs: I usually order at least 2 sets of labs per year above the very complete set my doctor orders at my annual visit. These labs usually cost ~$350 for a full set of T panel (including SHBG), DHT, Thyroid panel, and E. I don’t order additional Hemoglobin labs because this is tested free every 8-16 weeks when I donate blood. Total supplemental cost ~$700/year. However, I probably will not continue with the added thyroid paned (~$166/year) because I am at a very stable Armour Thyroid protocol, so the adjusted supplemental lab cost is about $534/year.

I’m using my primary care physician. The details are a bit different, but I’m basically in the same boat as trtwuzup above in terms of Rx and how I’m paying for T & C. (goodrx)

I’m with defy for like a year and a half now.$90 every 6 months for a consult. Labs are covered by my insurance 100% and the test is like $140 including shipping every 12 weeks I believe. $740 a year or $61 a month

Thanks. Do you have a link?

A link to defy?

Yes sir. Have a link?

Just Google defy medical and fill out their form or call them

I get 30 20mg generic cialis with a good Rx coupon from a major grocery store Rx for $23. I cut them into 4’s to take 5mg or 10mg at a time.

You need a dr script right?

Yes you do.

How are you getting them to pay for it? Reimbursement or setting it to bill to insurance when you have them done? I use defy as well and the lab costs are most of what I’m paying for it seems like.