Favorite Training Videos

what are your favorite training videos? i still love watching dorian yates’ blood and guts, ronnie coleman’s the unbelievable and the cost of redemption, shawn ray’s the final countdown ( i love it ) and mitsuru okabe’s battle for the olympia series. ( until 2007 )

i remember how difficult it was to watch your favorite bodybuilders actually train back in the day and these videos were pure gold. there was no youtube and all the stuff written in the flex magazine were completely crap.

I worked at a Musclemag store for a year and would watch videos all day. I liked Dorian’s and Craig Titus’s videos the best. I probably watched Blood and Guts a few dozen times during the early 2000’s.

Flex Wheeler’s and Paul Dillet’s videos were fun to watch too, just to see how casually they appeared to be in training but were nevertheless enormous!

Blood and Guts is awesome. The intensity in the video was extremely motivating. I still watch it from time to time.

I cant forget how annoying his training partner sounded though. I could never train with a man that shouts so loud all the time.

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What about Branch Warren, throwing the preacher curl bench out of his way , and saying fuck like every set.
Or Haneys video with the Ropeman his training partner, yelling (come on Haney ), the whole video.

I like westside training vids

if there is one bodybuilder i hate ( both physique-wise and personality-wise ) its Branch Warren.

I am watching the cost of redemption at the moment. Ronnie Coleman is definitely the greatest of all times.

I would be curious to see what he could of done in powerlifting those videos are taped like three weeks out. Ronnie Coleman that is.

he is unbelievably wide. i think he could eat Phil Heath for breakfast at his best.