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favorite training music?

what is your favorite training music?

Metallica, mandatory

Hard Rock Baby! Tool, Korn, Disturbed, Drowning Pool and Metallica all the way!

I’m guessing yours is Pantera. If you’ll check the Off-Topic Forum archive you’ll see this has been discussed, oh, 300 times or so.

Iron Maiden, Motorhead,AC/DC,

I didn’t know that there was a rule on this forum stating that a topic that was discussed before can never be discussed again for the rest of this forum’s existence. Don’t be an ass.

Guns and Roses

Absoulute favorites. Testament, Old Metallica, Sepultura (max era), Anthrax, Pantera, In Flames, Pro-Pain, Soulfly, BLS Zakk wylde, etc…(pretty much pure f@$in real metal, nu-metal sucks)

TOOL. (see my thread entitled tool on the off topic board.) i also like KMFDM, rammstein, static-x, prodigy, rage, sevendust, manson, danzig, and some drowning pool.

Anything fast, heavy, and loud. Pantera is a must. Slayer also a must. I hear that some people work out to Jazz, Soul, Pop, etc. Come on. Are they kidding? LOUD AND PROUD

Right now it is Shattered Realm-All will suffer. I don’t need anything else to get me ready.

Zombie works for me. Or Metallica’s “Kill 'Em All”. Yo JC#10, my friend Rob used to play for Danzig, now he plays bass for Zombie.

Real Metal. Nile(the absolute best), Cryptopsy, Skinless, etc. The heavier the better. Of course I still like the classics, Maiden, Sabbath, etc.

Here’s what’s in my MP3 player right now.

  1. Cardigans - Favorite Game
  2. Bjork - Hunter
  3. Green Day - Hitchin A Ride
  4. Garbage - Driving Lesson
  5. Bjork - Pluto
  6. Jay-Z - Money, Cash, Hoes [rmx]
  7. Garbage - Push It

Fast and bassey 130-180 BPM electronica like Dilinja, Dieselboy, Kimball Collins, DJ Tiesto and DJ Irene, or else hard and heavy stuff like Slipknot, Pantera, Slayer, Metallica, and Limp. Some of the more hard core hip hop and rap ain’t bad to work out to either like old school Onyx, Public Enemy and Ice T stuff.

Iron Maiden(UK’s finest) all the way non of that new age metal shit, UP THE IRONS!!

check out the new ORIGIN. They just came off of a tour with Nile.

system of a down, lynkin park, DMX, metalica, kmfdm, harry belefonte, and Jay-z

I have the first Origin, and its pretty good. I’ll definitely check out their new release. I just got the new Nile CD and it smokes. Not as brutal as the earlier stuff, definitely more polished, but still kicks ass!