Favorite Training Accomplishments?

I’ve meant to start this thread for a while, and with many of us on a semi-hiatus from training, I reckon a bit of reflection is in order.

The idea is simple - post about a couple-few exercise accomplishments you’ve had that you’re especially pleased with, proud of, or downright enjoyed. I’ll start.

  • cleaning and push pressing a 100-pound dumbbell with each arm (consecutive, not simultaneous.) One of my crew at a gym I worked at had this as his goal, so I figured, why not?

  • slooooowly jogging 5K without walking. My lower right leg and foot were crushed by a 600-pound boulder while hiking, and I nearly lost my leg. I couldn’t run for 10 years. When I finally limp-jogged those 3.1 miles, I was elated.

  • The first time I deadlifted 315 pounds. After the leg injury, I never thought I’d deadlift, much less more than before.

  • deadlifting 375 last summer. Progress towards my lifetime goal of 405.


Probably the first time I benched 315 and the first time I pulled 405.

I didn’t pull the 405 past my shins on the first try. Rested for a few minutes. Got super pissed and ripped it off the floor. I’m sure my form was ugly as shit, but I completed it, hah.

  1. Deadlifting 120kg (3x bodyweight), still chipping away at 3plates, got delayed last year and now this year there’s covid :sob::sob:

  2. Completing 10 mile Run + 400m walking lunges, lunges with 20kg - even had enough energy not to flunk AP euro that afternoon :joy:(got full marks)

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This was a big one for me. Was a goal since HS.

I have struggled with the deadlift in the past, so the first 500 lb pull was pretty awesome.

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I have a love/hate relationship with the deadlift. While I am constantly strengthening every muscle group required (I pull conventional btw), my leverages aren’t terribly great. I have short arms and small-ish hands. Although I think Karwoski had similar leverages and he was a unit all around, so who knows.

I have a long torso, average arms. The best test to see if someone has good leverages IMO, is how much of a space is between their crotch and the bar. Some people would be able to get a volleyball through that space. I have zero gap (the bar is in my business).

I am sure there are people out there with worse leverages than me, but it isn’t the easiest for me.

I have found I can hold sumo form much better than conventional. Conventional deadlift starts with my back close to parallel to the floor (exaggeration, but that’s what it feels like). Much more upright with sumo. First over 500 lb pull was conventional though at 507 lbs. 2-3 months later I gave sumo a go and pulled 550 lbs.

Every plate milestone was always huge until I got to a 585 deadlift and 495 squat. Those had to be 600 and 500. HAD TO BE.

50 lbs lost was another big one.

Jiu jitsu training milestones mostly involve giving really good guys way more problems than I used to, tapping out guys who used to eat me alive and general progression with the art.

Good barfight outcomes when bouncing is also a product of my training (both barbells and jiu jitsu) that I’m really proud of. That’s what I call putting it all together!

Good thread idea!


I am not sure if I have ever deadlifted 495. I have done 500 many times, but 495, I am not confident about. I just can’t see myself ever not putting on the 2.5s.

Wait until it becomes just another warm-up set!

That’s a good point. I probably have done that. I was more thinking when my program calls out 495, that I just throw on the 2.5s. I am working on the 6 plate DL now. Have done 565. Probably won’t jump to 600 though, I just need to get the 6 plates for now.

As soon as my gym opens back up here in CNY, I’m going to train both styles. I remember trying sumo several years ago, not giving it a chance because I didn’t like the initially feeling of it, and never giving it the ol’ college try. It’ll be nice to incorporate into a new routine.

I found it to be very natural, but that is not at all universal. Big thing that helps most people is being patient off the floor, and really pulling the slack out.

  1. Being able to rep out muscle ups. I worked for a long time on these. I still check to make sure I can do them every now and then.

  2. Running a 19:20 5K.

  3. Getting 225 for 10 reps on bench. (just did that this year, and repeated it yesterday)


The first time I ran 60 miles a week. Managed this during high school cross country camp my senior year. Back then I only ran 6 days a week so it felt like a big accomplishment but looking back there were a lot of things I could have been smarter about, like not running 60 miles in a week.

Squating 405 was pretty meaningful too. When I first started squating it took me about 5 months to stop falling forward out of the hole. Once I figured that out my squat shot up from 275-385 in 8 months then plateaued for over a year until I finally hit 405.

Those are the 2 big ones that come to mind

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My first 315 deadlift was great
My first 315 squat was great, and I even got 325 later in the session (I was stuck at 305 for a year)
My first 225, I felt like I was THE SHIT! I got 235 later in the session. I was stuck at 205 for a while after being stuck at 185 since college (about 8 years)
^ During this overall timeframe, I maxed out way too often and didn’t do enough bodybuilding work but it kept me motivated

My first 405 deadlift was nice, and my coach at the time insisted I had it in me and just needed a proper peak. I was stuck at like 345 at this time.
I never really got the feeling of squatting 405. My first 400+ squat was in comp and I did 402. Then I got in wraps a few months later and my opener was 407 then 418.

My goals that I wanna resume after the lockdown:
405x8 Hatfield for volume
405x3 Tempo DL
265x6 Close Grip

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First 3 plate dead
First 2 plate squat
FIrst 155 power clean
First muscle up

Not quite lifting, but the first time I double legged a guy and the takedown felt smooth as hell
(16 as to give context to the low numbers haha)

Hasn’t quite happened yet, but when I get full ROM in my left arm post tricep tendon reconstruction


Re: deadlifting. It’s my favorite lift. I love how sumos feel on my traps and upper back, but they also feel like my femurs are about to explode out my knees, so I do not do that thing.

Re: thread topic.

  • The first time I swam a continuous mile. It took me around 45 minutes, but I was relaxed and breathing well, and a pretty woman in the lane next to me was cruising, so I couldn’t quit before she did :sunglasses:
  • losing 25 pounds of fat after my leg healed from a second reconstruction.

The first 255 bench of course

And when I squatted 2X bodyweight, that was my goal after the knees surgeries

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400 lb deadlift
300 lb squat
200 lb bench
15 pullups
Getting very lean for the first time (down 22 lbs)
Not giving up on training once in 4 years


100kg OHP was pretty cool, as was hex bar dling 230kgs.