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Favorite Throws?

i’m on here just wantin to know your best moves, throws, tricks?


The jap wizzer, I definitely love this move, because not many havyweights expect to have this done to them, so if i get my feet set right and lock it up fast enough its usually a pin- no questions asked

funny you should mention that. I used to struggle in judo with Ippon Seoinage, the close feet the posistioning. Until i finally twigged “holy crap this is the jap wizzer” the way you roll into the throw your body weight is different.

depends on if im submission wrestling or doing judo, Morote Gari or double leg is obvious, but more fun in judo because ive had to develop some creative grip breaks and set ups to get it.

harai goshi and uchi mata, any and all foot sweeps w/ sasae being my favorite. I like makikomi variations too, but I don’t do them much as risk of injury is a bit higher for training partners.

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