Favorite Thermogenics..opinions

Been trying to get this question on the board but , 1st one got no replies…2nd one was accepted but seems to have disappeared. I was wondering what your favorite thermogenic products out there are,yes I have used them but it seems that they worked much better in the past (xenadrine,hydroxycuts, clenbutrx) but now i remember reading a while back that there formulas are less effective or something along those lines…anywho…back on track I got to cut my massive eating short cuz of the summer(i wanted to keep it up for Ian’s get buffed program, i’m on wk 3)I figure 4-6 more weeks i’ll be 11-12% bodyfat, I’m looking to cut with 4 weeks of a thermo(MD6 maybe?) and methox-7 then T2…just wondering what your favorites are and some opinions on my plan . Thanks T folk, Mike

I’d go with MD6 and Methoxy at the recommended doses for 2 weeks, then add in Androsol and Tribex (70 sprays 2x a day, and 4-6 caps 2x a day) for the last 2 weeks. This will cost you some $$ but the results should be good. You could add T2 to the mix when its out, I’d use it for the full 4 weeks you’re cutting. Try and get the MD6 while it still contains PPA.
As for your diet try the T-dawg diet for the first 2 weeks then switch to a Fat Fast type diet for the last 2. Good luck, hope this helps

A regular ECA stack is about the best I’ve had here in OZ.

I would say most ECA stacks + Methoxy7 tends to work just fine. When I was in a cutting phase this was mostly what I used from a supplement standpoint.