Favorite Templates for Cranky Joints

For those of you with some accumulated issues, what kinds of templates do you have luck with? 5s pro/fsl is an obvious one, but can get a little stale. I go back and forth on favoring templates with low reps but higher volumes, so every rep is completely controlled (bbs or similar), or higher intensity but less reps overall (like a well pushed PR set and/or widow-maker), so the crappy joint is going through the motions harder, but less. Just curious what may be working for others.

I would move away from barbells and try rings, dumb bells, and kettebells. Especially with rings and a weight vest, you can really make strength gains without taxing the joints and allowing for natural range of motions. Barbells are great, but sometimes you need to be realistic and if the fixed range of motion is not compatible with your joint issues, set them down for a while.

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I agree with @antiquity here. If your joints are screaming, you should focus on exercise selection not sets/reps. My knees bug me after squats. I forced the issue for years and just squatted through the discomfort. I eventually accepted that I could either squat or my knees could feel good - I couldn’t have both. I swapped out the squats for Bulgarian split squats, and my knees feel great. Sounds like you need to figure out what’s more important - pain-free joints or your favorite lifts.


Thanks, I appreciate the ideas. I’m not quite to that point, switching to a 9 day week has things fairly sustainable right now, but I’ll keep those in mind if things go downhill too much.