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Favorite T-Nation Coach?

Just wondering, who is your favorite coach here on T-Nation?
I haven’t really had time to get to know the coaches properly, but i’m reading the articles.

It all depends on what your seeking, as I think most people are drawn to coaches/writers who closely emulate their goals. Personally, as a young professional and former collegiate athlete, I am drawn most towards Nate Green’s articles.

If you follow your own path and goals you will naturally be drawn towards your favorite writer/coach, just keep reading, you can never do to much of it.


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Yeah, i sort of had guessed that he’d be liked here.

Nominal Prospect.

closely followed by


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Nominal Prospect.

closely followed by




Dave Tate counts, no?

Closely followed by CT

CT all the way

John Berardi. Lots of good coaches here though, depends on your goal, as always.

I like Dave Tate, too, but i don’t know if he counts.(i think he does)

Dan John #1, I get at least one little training epiphany from every one of his articles

#2 tie between JB, CT and Tate


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CT, Tate, Berardi is awesome for nutrition Dr. LL… there are so many good ones could anyone really just have one? They all atribute different qualities and insight.

Christian Thibaudeau and Charles Poliquin, nothing beats those two guys

Tim Henriques, Clay Hyght [I didn’t spell that right probably], CT. I don’t even read the articles from the others unless there’s a cool/hot picture in the link, or the title sounds like it interests me.

I should also note that you’d be smart to read some of the posters on the forums too. T-Cell Alpha has some good threads, and you ought to look around there. There’s a sticky in the Bodybuilding forum that also has a lot of links to good threads. Cephalic_Carnage, and Tribunaldude are two guys who I’ll actually go to their accounts and find the recent posts they posted in the training forums from time to time. But you might already know about the forums since you’ve posted here a bit, so if this is redundant then my bad.

I think it depends on what topic of interest you refer to. For training/supplementation I would go with CT hands down. My fav coach overall. But there are many good ones here. TC for teh funny. Berardi for nutrition, there are many good mobility/injury guys here. Nate’s guy on the street type shit is good.