Favorite T-Mag Training Program?

Long time reader, and I’ve tried many of the programs here and am starting a heavy pro-hormone cycle next month (Mag-10 in AM, 4-AD-EC in PM). I have the opportunity to train 2X/day on two days out of the week. Just curious as to what some of the brethren here have tried and would recommend (as far as T-mag programs go). Over the past few months I’ve been going pretty heavy, so I’m sorta leaning towards a traditional Bodybuilding type of program. Thanks

The second part of The Growth Surge Project is designed for androgen use.

ALso, there was a Cat’s Lair not too long ago where John provided twice-a-day workouts.

Both use high pretty high volumes.

Q2 A.K.A EDT training is cool stuff. Who would have thought more work in the same time frame = gains. Duh!?

I’m a HUGE fan of Ian king programs. The limping series was awsome, and now I’m on the programs from his book of muscle that I just t-jacked. Let me tell you, they all look easy on paper, but they are anything but. Besides who can beat getting stronger using lighter weights.

Quattro Dynamo… OVT.

A buddy of mine did a cycle of some androgen, and did quattro dynamo in the morning and maximal training in evening.

Needless to say he got pretty damn big.


I can, by getting strongy using heavy fucking weights.

Thanks to everyone who replied. I think I’m leaning towards the Growth Surge part duex, and some of the stuff in the Cats Lair article. I did the limping series (most of it) a couple years back, good stuff. I’ve yet to try the EDT system stuff but it looks interesting.

My Two cents:

Day 1:

AM: EDT, 2 15-minute cells focusing on chest and back (for instance).

PM: Maximal Weights by Poloquin focusing on Lower body movements.

Day 2:

AM: EDT, 2 15 minute cells focusing on Legs/lower body

PM: Maximal Weights by Poliquin focusing on Chest and Back

You can work you shoulders, calves and arms in with the same AM/PM split. Use the 5X5 set/rep scheme from Maximal Weights. 2 Days on, 1 day off.