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Favorite Supersets?

What are some of your favorite supersets that you guys and gals use? I’ve been using them a lot more the past few months and I find them to be a huge benefit.

My favorites go:

Squats + Abs
OH Press + BB Row
Deadlift + Dips
Bench Press + Lunges/Split Squat

I like a press/carry supersets, such as log press + yoke walk.

I dig antagonistic supersets too since they are just so convenient & waiting around between sets is boring.

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Chin ups and curls
Crucifix holds and lateral raises
front raises and lateral raises
hammer curls and tricep pulldowns

These are brutal:

Front Squat/Chin

These were more bearable:

Bench/DB Row
KB Swing/Deadlift

I also used to do the Arnie giant set which went:

Arnold Press/Lat Raise/Shrug (I think?)

Once time, I couldn’t hold onto my water bottle after completing 3 sets of this - my shoulder ended up cramping (weird sensation)

Great topic idea! A couple faves are :

Neutral grip weighted chinups and heavy standing dumbbell press
Push press and box jumps
Push-ups, kettlebell swings, and farmer walks
Hang cleans and pushups

I like:

Hip thrusts with squats

Cable crunches with hanging leg raises

Incline press with underhand rows

On upper body I’ll do an antagonistic movement in the same plane prior to each set of the main movement for that day, ie,

Any of several row variations/bench
Weighted pull-ups/military press

I do the same with my accessory work, doing a use/pull in the same plane.

Lower body, I do the main lift on its own but with accessory moves, I’ll add abs or calves or something. A brutal one i’ve been doing lately is heavy rack pulls(mid-shin) s/s with heavy KB swings. I thought the KB was 105, but I did the conversion wrong (kg to lb), its 115.

Front squat/dip

(Low rep) Front squat/(moderate to higher rep) RDL

Pulldown/1-arm plank

Reverse-grip pulldown/lateral raise

Dumbbell military press/DB push press/DB jerk

Standing leg curl/plate hammer curl (and always hear in my head, “Curl all the biceps :allthethings:” )

1-arm thick rope pressdown/1-arm thick rope hammer curl (“thick rope” - holding both strands of the rope handle in one hand)

Dumbbell curl/DB reverse curl/DB hammer curl

Chins >> Rows
Resistance band curls >> Rows
Pull-overs >> Resistance band rows
OHP >> Rows
CG push-ups >> Tri extensions
Band pull aparts >> Pull-overs
Push-ups >> Inverted rows

Ohp - pull up
Dips - pull up
Bench - one arm row

  • Behind neck OHP + lateral raises
  • Incline Bench Triceps Extensions + Incline Bench Dumbbell Curls
  • Dips + Pushups
  • Romanian Deadlifts + Leg curls
  • Barbell Bench Press + Dumbbell Fly
  • Front Squats + Leg Extensions
  • Barbell Row + Barbell Curls

The following was hell!! HELL!!!

Dick’s Press - 8 reps
Front Hold (hold at the top of the front raise position) - 60s
Crucifix Hold - 60s (hols until it drops, fight all the way down)

3 rounds.

I spent the rest time trying to get the stinging sweat out of my eyes. Horrid.

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Isometric Row - 8 count
Row - 8 to 12 reps

3 rounds.

I like doing it on a chest supported row. Grab a lat pulldown bar (preferably with a neutral grip), lay in the chest supprt, try bend the bar around the chest support. Drop the bar and rep some rows out.

You could do this with a BB row by finding am upright and try bending a bar around that for the isometric but I think this works best if the isometric is in the fully contracted position.

I am considering running these on every big movement next hypertrophy focussed block…

Tis the season for iso holds and slow negatives. I’ve started incorporating both into a couple workouts a week, and my joints are already feeling more stable.

Anyone inspired to try something new, based on this thread?

I don’t know if this counts as a superset but I’m posting this as it was pure hell.

You mark spots 10-20m apart
You start at one end, do 20 push ups
Walk to the other end, do 1 push up
Walk back, do 19 push ups
Walk back, do 2 push ups
Continue until you have done 20 push ups at the “1” end.

No better way to end a chest work out than 420 (?) push ups.


Press and chins
BB Row and Bench
Deads and Leg Raises
Dips and Face Pulls
Rope hammer curls and Pushdowns

My creativity sucks

I’ve got to try this!

Make sure you have spare time. I got back from the gym much later than usual.

PS. You’re gonna be sore… very, very sore :sadpanda:

My chest grew an inch just reading that!

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